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Taking a little time away…

We had to get away. We needed it.

Sometimes we don’t have it all together and we forget to stop and enjoy the moment.  But we decided to do it. Its hard to do. Its an effort. But its worth it.

We got out of our environment. We are cherishing some family.  We are cherishing each other.  It is good.


~Be the Light~


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Hawaii has my heart: Maui -Our Vacation 2016

We recently did our vacation to another Hawaiian Island. We went to Maui. Just like Oahu, I am in love. Of course this place had a whole different feel than Oahu does but I loved it every bit as much.

We did a 10 day trip which was 8 days actually on vacation and 2 days of traveling which ended up being perfect. After about day 7 of cleaning up all the sand from 3 kids, I was tired of it. But we still enjoyed every moment. I do miss being able to walk in the early mornings and evenings and the warm wind blowing on my skin. Eating dinner out on the Lanai was amazing as well.

We stayed in the Lahaina area which we absolutely loved. It was very quaint and still had all the necessities.

We had a 2 bedroom condo, it was clean and quiet and the full kitchen/washer and dryer were a great amenity. In our condo area it had its own private beach area on Kaanapali beach which was a gorgeous, relaxing beach. We went to the resort side one day to see black rock I much preferred the quiet side. The resort side was very busy but black rock was great for snorkeling. My youngest loved all the fish and it was calm water for her to swim.

We decided that boogey boarding was our thing while we were there. Kaanapali did not have very many waves  so we would go to D.T Fleming beach for the waves. Which is another great beach. Paia bay had some huge waves which was great for the boys but not so much for me and my daughter. It was pretty rough, but we still had a ton of fun.

On our trip we did the road to Hana. There are a ton of great articles online on all the neat places to stop along the way. We did quite a few and it took up a lot of our day so we did not make it all the way which I was bummed but we did not want to drive back in the dark. The road was a little scary but lots of beauty. One thing we all really enjoyed was walking the Garden of Eden.

We even stopped at a couple waterfalls and the kids jumped in and took a swim. There are a lot of mosquitos and they are tiny and bite a lot, so I recommend bug spray. I got eaten alive which I was a little nervous to get dengue fever from all the media hype about it but thankfully I am ok.

Also of course at the halfway to Hana watch for the rainbow sign and Do eat the banana bread. Very delicious.


After a few days of intense sun we decided to do the Maui Ocean Center. I had a discount with my travel club so we purchased tickets. It was a great half day to stay out of so much sun so we could do the beach in the afternoon when the sun wasn’t so hot. It is a smaller aquarium but lots to see. My daughter loved the talking like a whale. It was great to learn about all the fish in the sea so when we went on our our snorkeling tour we knew all the names.


Our last day we did a molikini snorkel tour which was AMAZING! The water was crystal blue! I highly recommend doing a tour. They are fun for the kids and us adults love them too. We did molikini and then went to turtle town USA and saw so many green turtles. Such cool scenery. Then on our way back we had a pod of whales breaching and mating right by the boat. Such an amazing life experience. Its hard to know how amazing nature really is until you see it up close and personal. That of course was everyone’s most favorite day.


There are some other cool things  you can do from Maui and take a day trip on a ferry to see the island of Molokai and Lanai. We did not have enough time to do that but I do want to try next time. I would love to see each island.

Other than those few things, we did a lot of swimming and relaxing, Eating fresh fruit and enjoying the Hawaiian culture.

If you have never been, do go, there are so many cool experiences in Hawaii. ~ Next time we are going to try Kona. And I can’t wait to see what that island is all about.

I am getting my travel wings on~


#choosethismoment #choosetoday


~Be the light for all to See~



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Choosing Moments Not Things

image.jpegGetting to have so many adventures. Enjoying seeing and being with family, friends and  seeing this great country!

Choosing the moments to know there is so much in this life to appreciate and enjoy and share with others. Finding the  joy in all our moments.

Getting back up again and again even when we have bad days!

Seeking new adventures. Cherishing each moment you have with loved ones. Knowing each day is golden because you never know when your last day will be. Our time is precious!

So glad I said yes to travel and life and creating moments with my family and loved ones and helping other see there is so much more. Loving the fun I get to have while I make a living. Making a living….. Living! Choosing to live with purpose!

I choose  moments over things!

#choosetoday #choosethismoment


~Be the Light for all to See~





Whose ready to go with me?



Breathing in a bit of life!

DSC_0197Its been awhile. Of course life was crazy, busy and overtaken by the chaos and loudness that seems to creep in when we aren’t paying attention. The holidays came and went and family visited, then we prepared to head out of town , so now I’m back again. The tough thing is I have such good things to write but get too busy and forget, oh well, maybe they weren’t so great if I forget ;). So its 2013 and heres to an amazing new year of new things, new changes and life experiences. Along with sweet simplicity.
After many daunting busy business days for end of the year books and jobs and then the holidays, we finally headed out on a family trip. It was our first trip together in a very long time and much needed one at that. My husbands parents bought a house for their retirement, in Arizona, after living on a boat for many years in Washington state. It is a beautiful home. I have not felt so relaxed in a long time. We had a total of 11 days gone but 2 were traveling days so it was 9 complete days of worry free, relaxation and spending time together to enjoy a state and scenery where we had not been before. Using a business airline card really helps a family of 5 travel affordably as well. Everyday business expenses and monthly costs and bills add up to lots of miles to fly. My dream to see the world has expanded just a bit.

I can say Arizona has its own different kind of beauty. I love waking to the bright, sunny mornings! There’s still a chill in the air for winter time but it sure was nice to not see icy roads, dark mornings and grey clouds day in and day out. I am not sure I could live there but I do love it and i will be visiting there regularly. It was pretty dry and there’s no water around but people’s pools. The kids love swimming so the heated pools were very much a hit. I would miss natural flowing water though. I would miss seeing rivers, lakes and oceans which in the desert theres not much of that, pretty much none. I would live by the ocean if I could. I would miss seeing more green. I do love the palm trees and the city road maintenance does a great job decorating the overpasses and ground with an Arizona native feel to it. We don’t see a lot of that in Alaska, I think probably because the winters are long and most gets hidden under, silt, ice, snow, mud and garbage. The mountains are pretty in their own way. The red rocks are beautiful! With the sun shining behind them it takes on a serenity of peacefulness. I especially enjoyed the beauty of Sedona. Overall the state has its own unique self and I loved it, In a way like Alaska ( which by the way if I had a choice I would not live in Alaska either) I love to travel ( hope to do more) and soak in the different types of beauty that surrounds us. I will definitely be going to Arizona again in which we will be doing a lot since we now have grandparents living there.

There was a ton to do in Arizona and a lot of history for the kids to learn about the Wild, Wild West. We drove to Tombstone one day and watched the shoot out reenactment of Wyatt Earp. That was pretty exciting for the kids. We of course had to watch the movie with Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell to see their take on the story after visiting the town. My boys loved it the most. We went to the local driving range and hit some golf balls. I love golfing. If I lived there I would try and golf as much as I could. There’s something relaxing about hitting balls. (That doesn’t sound so good after I read it oops)We drove and saw the red rocks of Sedona and Montezuma’s castle. Also we went to a local amusement park in Phoenix and the kids had a blast on rides and playing miniature golf. We went on a zipline hanging by a harness riding across the sky. It was amazing. My 6 year old was so excited and went all by herself. She says shes brave. There were lots of adventures and sightseeing and just the peaceful enjoyment of each other.

Overall the trip was a success and my hubs and I got a much needed rest from our business. I took some time to refocus and try and see where I want to be and what my passions are. I have some goals and ideas but just never sure how to get there. I love traveling and I want to make life simpler and travel more. My dreams to see the world may come true if I stop thinking and start doing. God made this world full of so much beauty and we are suppose to be enjoying it instead of running the crazy rat race of life. I’m ready to make some changes.

Anyone else feel this way? That there is more to this life than what you are doing? I’m ready to explore and see what else is out there. Life is full of endless opportunities we just have to be ready too see it and find it!