When you find what you love go for it


Travel. It’s in my blood. It’s in my heart. Living life and loving life and finding all the beauty in this life.  It’s not just about traveling though it’s about choosing moments of life. It’s seeking  adventure and choosing cherished moments with your friends and your loved ones. It’s not about escaping life, it’s for life not to escape us.

It is about getting away from the everyday routine and really just getting those real, raw, uninterrupted moments of what life is all about. Human connection. Love. Seeing the world God made for us.

I am part of something that I want everyone to be a part of,  if it’s not for you that’s  cool, I just hope that you are doing what you love and living the life of your dreams. I have found what my heart was made for and I want to share it with anyone who is looking for the same thing.

who loves to travel? Who would love to work from wherever you are? Who is ready to learn about how you can see the world and make money while doing it!? Feel free to message me at

I am only seeking those who are ready for more out of life.


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If you could save thousands…?

Thinking about family trips. I saved over $2600 with my travel club. I am so excited to take my kids on this trip this spring. A nice hotel and a trip full of excursions.  Who wouldn’t want to pay  2 /3 star prices for a 4/5 star trip? I know I’m in.




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More info?


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Do you want more

Do you know why you wake up everyday?

Do you know why you choose to do the things you do day in and day out?

I know the last few years, I have been on a mission of growth in the wheel of life.  I am on a mission to seek purpose in all the things I do and I seek to help others find their purpose. I want others to start finding out what they really enjoy and to find their true passion and to gain incite in to how they can acheive true freedom and joy.

Maybe you already share things that you love for free and wish you could earn extra money for just sharing what you love.

Maybe you want to be part of something more but not sure what it is.

Maybe you want to own your own business.

Maybe you would love to travel and earn money while you travel.

Maybe you just wish you could  take that vacation and that it was affordable.

Maybe you are a mom or a dad seeking to stay home with your kids and earn some extra money.

If you want to work from home or work from anywhere. If you want time freedom and money freedom. If you have a purpose of helping others find freedom in their life and  you love to create memories with your family and/or loved ones,  then this might just  be for you.

Email a request for more info. at

Choose to Start living a life of freedom and fun and fulfillment.

Let’s have more joy and more passion in every area of our life!


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Not like I used to be….

img_8527I remember a time where I would only dream of going somewhere alone with the hubby or taking a family vacation. It seemed unreal and out of reach. We could barely afford groceries and all our bills let alone go somewhere fun.

Life was a routine of debt up to our eyeballs and the never ending chores and work. It was all but a life of celebrating for us. Why did it have to be so hard? We could never seem to catch up.

To be able to afford a trip we would find clever ways to go. It would end up being mostly the kids and I because the hubby had to stay back to work and I would have to go on a trip as cheap as possible so we wouldn’t go into more debt.  My mom worked for the airlines so we would jump on flights with her and use the buddy passes and sometimes wait in the airport for hours trying to get on a flight just so we could have a cheap trip somewhere. Most trips were going to see family because we had a free place to stay and we would cram two weeks trying to  fit  everyone in that we hadn’t seen in the last  few years and we would be at everyone elses beckon call. It was really not much of a vacation at all but I took what I could get.

I really wanted to travel but my dreams of that seemed so far to reach.

Then we made some huge decisions. We knew to have the life  we were dreaming of, changes had to be made. The same old thing we had been doing just wasn’t working. We were unhappy in so many areas and the prayer we had prayed was finally being answered.  We were invited to a financial class and there the hubby and I decided we would get out of debt. We made  some large sacrifices. Along the way things happened that tried to make it hard for us to follow through but we did it. We kept on trucking through the muck. We started to save money and life started to get a little easier. We sold our house and things we didn’t need and downsized for a few years.We were finally getting to a point of financial peace.

But I still had the dream of wanting to travel and it seemed so out of reach. Raising a family is expensive and traveling with a large family is costly.

We then made a decision to start our own business and that changed our world immensely. Starting a business was one of my husbands big dreams and we felt we were at a point we could do it. Things were rough at first but we had gone through so many life lessons that had toughened us up that we knew we could get through anything.  Everything you could think of was thrown at us to make it as difficult as possible to want to keep going but we did.  Fast forward almost 6 years and business is good but it consumes a large part of our life and we need to get away from the stress of it all.

And still my dreams of traveling were sitting in the back seat.

But eventually the time came that we decided we would go on a real family trip somewhere fun. We were were ready for a nice break and we wanted to enjoy our family before they were all grown up. We had saved up and took a fancy trip to Disney world.  It was a trip of a lifetime. We knew it was not one we could ever do again because it was such a luxury.

The following year we wanted to do another fun trip but didnt have quite the extravagant trip planned or money saved so budget trip it was. I like to find sales so I shopped and shopped but that doesn’t always work out because cheap isnt always the cleanest or nicest but we made do. We had fun but it still was not quite right. I was happy though that we were starting to create memories before the kids left home.

Then I was shown a new way to vacation.  The deals and prices were amazing. I could actually start affording to take my family of 5 to nice hotels and have the fun luxury vacations we were wanting. I am able to save money in all areas of traveling from cars to entertainment.  I also learned a way  that I could run it as another business and earn free travel. We already owned a business but I wanted a more freedom online style business than what we were doing and this one was perfect. So I jumped in!

In the last year I have traveled more than I could have ever imagined without breaking the bank. I have ways to earn money to travel and I am fulfilling my dreams. It is a dream come true.

I am so excited we have been able to take our kids more places than I thought. Our family is living life to the fullest. I have been able to go on trips with my hubby and cherish the time we need with each other. We already have several trips planned for the new year. I couldn’t have asked for anything more awesome for us. I never want to be like I used to be unhappy with no zest for  life. I am so thankful for this life we are creating and choosing to live!

And theres always room for more….



~Be the Light~




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Taking a little time away…

We had to get away. We needed it.

Sometimes we don’t have it all together and we forget to stop and enjoy the moment.  But we decided to do it. Its hard to do. Its an effort. But its worth it.

We got out of our environment. We are cherishing some family.  We are cherishing each other.  It is good.


~Be the Light~


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If you love to travel…

Not everyone Loves to travel as much I do but everyone Loves finding great deals!

One of my favorite things is helping people see that they can enjoy life and what better way than to do it by saving some money along the way!

This guys always has  some great tips on traveling with miles. Check him out here


Let have more fun and freedom in life🌴☀️😎✈️


~Be the Light~


I might be able to help you travel the world and get paid while doing it, contact me at

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Do you want a home based business?

I am seeking people who  WANT to be an entrepreneur not a wantrepeneur!

Do you want to travel?

Would you love to make money while traveling?

To be able to work from home or anywhere you want to be?DSC_0234

If that is you contact me Today. If it’s not you then don’t. Either way is good with me. I am here to help those who serious and ready to make a change! or voicemail #470-240-2122



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Seeking change



Are you someone who loves to travel or maybe you want to just have more fun? Have you dreamed of taking that family vacation but don’t know how you will ever be able to?

Do you want to choose more adventures and stop your busy life to smell the roses? Getting to choose a day off instead of fretting what would happen if you couldn’t work?  Does having your dream life seem unrealistic?

If you are looking for something like that please contact me.  I am a part of something that is so much fun and I get to work from home, choose my own hours. I can work as much as I want or as little. I also get the chance to take my kids places I never thought possible and places I have always dreamed of going.  You can even be a part even if you don’t want to run your own home business. I will share with you how I have made my life full of more freedom and more adventures.

I am looking for anyone who is interested in a freedom lifestyle. Maybe you are a stay home mom and are wishing there was more. Maybe you work so many hours and never have any free time to enjoy all the hard work you do. Maybe you are tired of your job and want to do something different but don’t have the money to start your dream job.

Whatever is it, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you can choose something different. Feel free to contact me. Information is below.

My passion is for others to find their true joy and to start realizing they can actually live a life of more fun, freedom and fulfillment instead of waking up, paying bills and going to bed. Lets stop living the same life over and over and call that a life.

Lets choose more adventures!imageTravel-quote-4

Contact me today either through here on my blog or you can email me at Only serious inquiries please.


#choosethismoment #choosetoday

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Staying at Home/Working from Home

I had always wanted to be a stay at home mother for as long as my mind can remember. We tried to have me work out of the home with my first born but it was not my favorite thing to do and leaving my first baby was difficult. I was also in nursing school with my first but had a hard time to finish due to moving to a new state, being broke and time with a baby and trying to work and be a wife it was just too stressful so I dropped out with only 2 semesters to go. Though it was a big disappointment in myself I knew it was the right thing. Taking college courses on and off through the years to try and finish was a lot of work and it was hard to gain momentum and finding the extra funds to finish wasn’t easy. When our second boy came along it was not feasible to pay for 2 kids in day care so we chose for me to stay home full time. Then we had our 3rd and it was a given that working outside the home would not happen for a very long time. My husband was the main bread winner. We made it work. We gave up a lot but we had a lot as well.

So we chose the stay at home mom route. Now I am thankful for choosing this route but it has not always been what I dreamed it would be. You can lose a lot of who you are in this process of mom and wife. You don’t socialize as much with others because you are always home with your kids and the house is always calling your name. The life after awhile consumes you and you lose who you once thought you were.

There is also the problem when you say you are a stay at home, getting the stigma that we sit around doing nothing and eat bon bons all day, which sure there are days where that is possible but there are days where that is anything but true. There is also the ” oh you stay home so you are free for me to use you because I don’t have the time but I know you do since you don’t work.” This can cause a lot of crabbiness and misuse of a stay at home mom. We do work its just not the same as going to a job with a start time and an off time. We work around the clock but we also get the advantage for the most part to make our own schedule until when the kids start school, and they join every club and sport in the world and you become the driver. Don’t forget to add in volunteering, cleaning house,  making sure laundry is caught up and the kids have homework to do. When is dinner?, whats for dinner?,And Oh mom I forgot my science project is due tomorrow!

One of the big problems that came about  is the self worth became a big low. Without bringing in a paycheck there was the feeling of unworthiness because of not contributing to the money coming in.  That created the vicious cycle of never doing anything for myself and being put on the back burner due to guilt. My dreams were shoved away and it was ok for the most part. I loved raising my kids and to be home and make my own schedule and be at the beckon call of my children and husband. That part gave me worth as wife and a mother. But other parts of me did not see the worth in it.  I started to wonder is this really all there is? I have such a long to do list but I never feel rested, or pretty or like me and I miss doing things that did not revolve around the home or the children or my husband. There was a feeling of a tug of negativity and starting to resent this stay at home job that was once so truly wanted. I had given up a large part of me. What happened to Heather?


Then we decided to start our own business a few years back and I became involved doing the office work and books for my husbands business. The feeling of worth started  coming back. I was doing something that sounded a lot greater than I am just a mom. People see more worth when you tell them your working title. I saw the worth in my working title. But then  something happened and I realized something was still missing and the happy was missing. Some of my duties as just a mom and stay at home wife were being put on the back burner and it was hard to juggle it all.  This is what I wanted and had asked for this. I wanted to feel worth by working and having an official title to my name. There was this torn in two feeling, wondering why there was no happiness.

After a few years I told my husband I was not happy and I wanted to be home more so I could focus on homeschooling, the home, being a mom and to try and figure out what MY dreams really were. There were some things I wanted to try and pursue  but could never organize them because they were always jumbled in my crazy mind and there was this large to do list that never ended. Being a great husband that he is and after many talks he understood my struggle and my heart and my wish was granted.  Everything fell into place like it was suppose to and I got put in a working position that I wanted. I still had a part time office job where work was manageable, we could still home school, still volunteer at my daughters class, still be mom, still be wife and start to find out my passions and dreams that my heart was ready to experience.

What I have learned over the past few years is that I had to re position my mindset. I had to start appreciating what it is I really wanted. And titles are not really all that. I decided to pursue some of my passions with starting my blog, doing 2 work at home side businesses in makeup and in travel. Getting to work part time for my husbands business and still getting to have my own schedule, home school my boys, take care of the home and start to learn how to really live.  Stepping away from negativity and positioning my mind to say how grateful and thankful for each little thing and moment that I get to carry with me. It still takes a lot of work to grow each day but to get to be thankful as a worker, a mother and a wife, makes me feel truly blessed. Experiencing the best of the both worlds, makes me thankful and appreciate it. I wake up realizing my worth and how much more is out there and there are so many options to pursue dreams and find out who you are and to grow every day. Getting to cherish each moment and its all a choice! We get to choose each moment on this earth and how we will use them.

I get the privilege to stay at home and to work from home and for that I am thankful and I am blessed.


#choosetoday #choosethismoment

~Be the Light for all to See~




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Both work and play are important

I believe in hard work. But I also believe in play. I believe in grasping those precious moments of time where everything stands still and you think man I love my life. This life is worth choosing.

Having the best of both worlds is what we need. It’s what we crave. It’s what keeps us going. But sadly many of us don’t do it. Either we feel guilty because the world makes us believe we should be busy 24/7 and you are lazy if you stop or we just forget to stop and smell the roses. Even God took a time to rest after all of His work. It’s important and we were made for it.

I believe its important to take time off from your everyday work. If we keep going and going and never rest we can’t really enjoy all that our life gives us. We burn out. We get sad or depressed or stressed and sometimes we just get in a funk and can’t figure out why. We lose a lot of precious life because we say no not right now to our time or rest.

I was raised in hard work. Work always was before play. Saturday morning my dad would come upstairs and blow his trumpet in our face to wake us up for our Saturday morning breakfast and then it was time to work. Even when we had friends over we had to work. My friends didn’t always like that, usually they would say “oh I think my mom is calling. Got to go.”

Our pay was our favorite candy, a drink and a lot of life lessons I didn’t know I was learning until I grew up. We would of course grumble and get off to the day. He would have us move one pile of wood to another pile and we never knew why he would have us move piles when the pile it was in, seemed just fine. But now as I am older and I am raising my kids I realized it wasn’t really for any reason except he was teaching us responsibility and that hard work was important to get where we wanted to go in life. And he was teaching us to keep going so bad choices didn’t happen. Hard work is good.

We didn’t have a lot of money growing up but my parents always tried to do something fun for us every so often. Be it a camping trip or a visit to another state to visit family but we always had a fun adventure planned. We even went to Disneyland as kids. And with this lesson we learned that after all that good Hard work, that Play is good.

As a parent now and grown up I look back at things I learned as a child and I realize I am thankful for many of those lessons. Even if I didn’t always like it I am glad I learned that in life we need both hard work and we need play.

We are choosing our life to take a family vacation and explore. Lets choose to enjoy life more often! Let’s choose to take some time for rest for reward after your hard work. Work hard and play hard too!

Here’s an article about us not giving time to take a break. We own a business and find it important to get away from it all. Business can take over your life and mind if you let it and its very important to step away from all the work and regroup and rest and let your mind become creative again. We need to stop and learn to grasp each moment. We all get a choice to find the time. It is there we just need to do it.


#choosethismoment #choosetoday

~Be the light for all to See~