I love to have travel on my mind


It’s my passion to see new and exciting things/cultures/people/places and to share with others the unlimited possibilities we have surrounding us.

Be it in our home town or when we travel to other places away from home. There is so much beauty to see.

For far too long I have sat around wishing I could do things I wanted to do and now I am making it happen.

Life is an adventure to be lived not dreamed of.

I no longer want to sit around wishing I was seeing it but I want to actually live, see and share it and to make a change in my life, in my kids life and in others lives.

Living our life with purpose, with passion and with love!

God created this great big beautiful world and I believe we are suppose to see it, taste it, feel it and then share it with others!

With life choices I have made a long the way I am ready to make a living…!

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Be the Light


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Creating our own Mission

When I  first started my blog I wanted to complain about having a type 1 diabetic and celiac son. I wanted to complain about being a mom and a wife. And then I just wanted to complain period.

Then later I thought I could do something towards health  or something of the other and I had a million things I wanted it to be about but I could never quite feel it and get in my groove.

With so much complaining, all I wanted was it to be something of an outlet but not an outlet that was me whining, having a pity party, day in and day out.

One night as I lay in bed trying to figure out what I was wanting in life, I heard These words “choose today”. I was tired of being negative and whining . It wasn’t getting me anywhere, which came about my thoughts on how I would CHOOSE today.

I thought, I can choose today to be so much more.

To make a difference. To be who God wants me to be. To be who I want to be. Though I struggle and it’s hard, I still get to make that choice.

As I have been in the process of changing my thoughts and my perception, I have really been trying to figure out what I want and how I want to portray who I am. I had this thought in my mind but I couldn’t see it clearly, It kept changing. I kept growing.

Today my blog is about inspiration.

It’s about being a mom and a wife.

It’s about the ups and the downs and all the in between.

It’s about making dreams with my husband and seeing sometimes that the other ones may go away.

It’s about stepping out and owning a business while trying to raise our kids and do so much we never thought was possible by just having a little faith.

It’s about sharing my love of adventure and travel and photography and all the little things that make life seem so special and to create memories.

It’s about not always getting it right but sharing that it’s ok to be down, it’s ok to be up, its ok to enjoy all the little moments.

It’s about showing my kids how to keep hanging on when the going gets tough and to come out stronger in the end.

It’s about teaching them to be so much more than they could ever see possible and for us to be so much more than we thought we ever could.

It’s about creating the moments that make up our life and that we get to choose how we react in those moments, good and bad.

Each day is a new day.

I get to choose how I want to make it.

It may take time to break the bad habits and to get where your goal is but each moment adds up to bigger moments until you have finally reached your goal and then you are ready to make a new one.

It’s about making those moments exciting and finding the laughter when all we may seem to find is sadness. It’s about sharing my story so I can hopefully inspire someone else to share their story and we can all create a bright shining light and help others to see their life is worth living.

It’s worth thriving!

It’s worth making all your moments count. It’s about not taking anything for granted. It’s about being thankful for all things- every little moment!

And so here it is, where I want to share with you how to, choose this moment, today, even when sometimes we don’t feel like it.

It is not possible for it to always be perfect or for us to always be happy. We are going to have down days and bad things that may happen but if we can choose how to grow in those moments and be grateful.

If we could share our story to  help someone else who may feel all alone and let them know, hey you are not alone in this. You got this. You can make it through that trial. You can make it through today.

All you have to do is choose today, choose this moment right now and I promise it will all be worth it!


#choosetoday  #choosethismoment

Be a Shining Light for all to see!!




We like to break things in our household

My family has a habit of breaking things, and bones in particular seem to be the most common.

On a beautiful, sunny Spring, Sunday evening we had to take our daughter to the ER. She was playing outside and decided to go on the rope swing without supervision, what happened next was a parents nightmare.
She shares her story on her blog link below.


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Shine with happiness


Are you living with purpose? Do you know why you wake up every morning? Are you thankful for every breath you take?

I have not always known my purpose or maybe I knew it but I did not know how to live it. I have not always wanted to wake up in the morning. The day was too hard. I was too sad and I did not cherish every moment. I was too miserable. I felt I was being humble by not letting myself enjoy life too much. What a miserable existence. Why would I think that was how I was suppose to live? I thought that I can’t be too happy or someone will be upset because their is sadness in life and we can’t ever really find true happiness.

I was wrong. There is beauty in all things. Even when something is dull if you shine it enough it will sparkle and find life again. My kids have shown me everyday that there is a reason to be alive. I opened my eyes and realized all this God given beautiful life surrounding me and I was just wasting it away. I let darkness reside too long but no more, the light shines in now.

Even amongst sadness we are allowed to feel happiness. It is ok to feel and everything is alright. Its perfectly fine to find joy and be happy with your life. Its  ok to be sad too but don’t let it steal your life away. Be sad and then be happy again. Smile even in your tears.

If this is you telling yourself the same thing, I say right now get out of that darkness. This life is so short. We never know what tomorrow will bring let alone today. Choose this moment to live your life. Let your light shine! Don’t ever let it burn out! We were made to live. We were made to shine. We were made to have a light and help others. We were made to Love unconditionally. That is our purpose and whatever way we choose to do that and show it, is perfect and special and your own!

Choose to Love and to Dream BIG! Choose today to shine!


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I choose to have an Adventure


I am choosing to have my life become an adventure.  My oldest boy and I just got back from an amazing trip to Central America. We went to Belize and explored the beautiful country and met the beautiful people. We went with a school tour group and we were busy everyday of the trip but loved every minute of it. We saw so much and had fun meeting new people, trying new food, and doing new things.  I must say if you have not traveled to another country you really must do so.  Life is so short and I have come to the realization that we need to see this most fantastic, delicious world that most of us have not seen. I have been one who says I am too broke to travel or no time or I come up with some excuse but this time I made a decision that I would go when this opportunity arose and I am so glad that I did.  I had to just slowly set money aside and choose to save no matter what. I gave up some extras that I shouldn’t spend on anyways and voila I had an experience that will never be forgotten. I also got to experience something life changing with my son.

I need to travel. I love to travel. It makes my mind and my heart clear. To just completely relax with no worries in sight can give you a new perspective on life and change what your focus should be when you get home to real life. When I see other parts of the world I see how others live and learn to see what God really intended us to do. I think when you get complacent in life and feel like is this all there is, you can not really live.  Traveling sets me free. It is a dream of mine to do new things and to meet new people. I just want to explore before I am no longer able to.

Now maybe you can’t travel or don’t want to but do choose an adventure of some sort. Be it near your home or in your backyard or traveling thousands of miles, I promise it will change your life and it will change how you really want to live. Its about our focus and how we see ourselves that really makes us who we are. By traveling and seeing the world my eyes are opened and my heart is becoming happy. I CHOOSE adventure!!!


Breathing in a bit of life!

DSC_0197Its been awhile. Of course life was crazy, busy and overtaken by the chaos and loudness that seems to creep in when we aren’t paying attention. The holidays came and went and family visited, then we prepared to head out of town , so now I’m back again. The tough thing is I have such good things to write but get too busy and forget, oh well, maybe they weren’t so great if I forget ;). So its 2013 and heres to an amazing new year of new things, new changes and life experiences. Along with sweet simplicity.
After many daunting busy business days for end of the year books and jobs and then the holidays, we finally headed out on a family trip. It was our first trip together in a very long time and much needed one at that. My husbands parents bought a house for their retirement, in Arizona, after living on a boat for many years in Washington state. It is a beautiful home. I have not felt so relaxed in a long time. We had a total of 11 days gone but 2 were traveling days so it was 9 complete days of worry free, relaxation and spending time together to enjoy a state and scenery where we had not been before. Using a business airline card really helps a family of 5 travel affordably as well. Everyday business expenses and monthly costs and bills add up to lots of miles to fly. My dream to see the world has expanded just a bit.

I can say Arizona has its own different kind of beauty. I love waking to the bright, sunny mornings! There’s still a chill in the air for winter time but it sure was nice to not see icy roads, dark mornings and grey clouds day in and day out. I am not sure I could live there but I do love it and i will be visiting there regularly. It was pretty dry and there’s no water around but people’s pools. The kids love swimming so the heated pools were very much a hit. I would miss natural flowing water though. I would miss seeing rivers, lakes and oceans which in the desert theres not much of that, pretty much none. I would live by the ocean if I could. I would miss seeing more green. I do love the palm trees and the city road maintenance does a great job decorating the overpasses and ground with an Arizona native feel to it. We don’t see a lot of that in Alaska, I think probably because the winters are long and most gets hidden under, silt, ice, snow, mud and garbage. The mountains are pretty in their own way. The red rocks are beautiful! With the sun shining behind them it takes on a serenity of peacefulness. I especially enjoyed the beauty of Sedona. Overall the state has its own unique self and I loved it, In a way like Alaska ( which by the way if I had a choice I would not live in Alaska either) I love to travel ( hope to do more) and soak in the different types of beauty that surrounds us. I will definitely be going to Arizona again in which we will be doing a lot since we now have grandparents living there.

There was a ton to do in Arizona and a lot of history for the kids to learn about the Wild, Wild West. We drove to Tombstone one day and watched the shoot out reenactment of Wyatt Earp. That was pretty exciting for the kids. We of course had to watch the movie with Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell to see their take on the story after visiting the town. My boys loved it the most. We went to the local driving range and hit some golf balls. I love golfing. If I lived there I would try and golf as much as I could. There’s something relaxing about hitting balls. (That doesn’t sound so good after I read it oops)We drove and saw the red rocks of Sedona and Montezuma’s castle. Also we went to a local amusement park in Phoenix and the kids had a blast on rides and playing miniature golf. We went on a zipline hanging by a harness riding across the sky. It was amazing. My 6 year old was so excited and went all by herself. She says shes brave. There were lots of adventures and sightseeing and just the peaceful enjoyment of each other.

Overall the trip was a success and my hubs and I got a much needed rest from our business. I took some time to refocus and try and see where I want to be and what my passions are. I have some goals and ideas but just never sure how to get there. I love traveling and I want to make life simpler and travel more. My dreams to see the world may come true if I stop thinking and start doing. God made this world full of so much beauty and we are suppose to be enjoying it instead of running the crazy rat race of life. I’m ready to make some changes.

Anyone else feel this way? That there is more to this life than what you are doing? I’m ready to explore and see what else is out there. Life is full of endless opportunities we just have to be ready too see it and find it!


Schools almost out for summa!!!!

30 days until the kids get out of school here in good ol alaska!! They may start in August but boy do I love the fact the kids get out in May!!! Our summers usually start in may and by August it’s pretty rainy so that makes it ok to go back. The days are getting longer and the sky is completely blue with sun shining , except for the snow still on the ground it’s great. Every day after school the kids run down to our creek and go iceberging as they call it. As the ice breaks up there are huge chunks breaking apart and they ride the ice. It’s pretty fun and the kids stay entertained but the only complaint is that I have lots of muddy , wet clothes and kids coming in with freezing cold hands and feet needing a good warmup in the tub. This is actually a time that I really love where I live. I’m not very excited about the dust everywhere and with the sun shining I can see all my dirty windows I have not cleaned for the past 7 months but the long days of light and the sun make it simply ok!!!
And I get to wake up to this view!



So schools almost out and I will have a 1st grader, a 5th grader and an 8th grader!! They are growing up so fast but I’m loving every step! This summer there is a few trips my oldest gets to do he’s leaving for Peru the beginning of June and then he gets to go to diabetes camp the end of June. The other 2 don’t have a lot of fun things plan but I’ll find things to do and we will soak up outside as much as we can! The thing about being an alaskan is we cherish our short summer and the long sunny days of light! After so many months with cabin fever I’m so ready, now these 30 days better hurry up I can’t wait for the kids to be on summer break!!