And this day finally happened…. Class of 2017

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Another milestone in life. Graduating high school.  This year has had so many things go on, way different than I ever imagined but even in the midst of the trials we had it also has been so good at the same time. The beautiful chaos of our life. The collateral beauty. I see it. We seek it. We choose it.

The beauty of all the moments of raising you the best we knew how. The beauty of all the moments of childhood to man hood. I am collecting them all in my mind and my heart.

My son who was once this precious little baby who I held in my arms, that I never imagined would grow up as quickly as you did. Here you are standing handsome and grown up. You are such a smart young man and you don’t even know all the potential you carry inside you. The world is waiting for you. This big huge world with so many wonders and so many hard ships but still so much beauty.

The world will try to kick you down sometimes as you know but you are so strong and I know all things we tried as your parents to teach you, are a great stepping stool to how amazing your life will be. It can be whatever you choose it to be. As long as you know you get to choose, that is what matters. If you don’t like the way things are going, change the direction, change your attitude. Change whatever it is you need to change. Just choose!  God is your guide and He puts these dreams in our hearts and you are chasing yours. Choose this moment to embrace all the glory that it took 13 years of hard work and schooling to get to this day. And oh how excited I am that you have so much more to look forward to. The future is yours.#choosethismomentgraduation picture.jpeg

My note to you son is….

As a mother I raised you the best I knew how. I am so proud of you son and raising you kids is the reason why we do what we do, day in and day and why I teach you that hard work pays off even when it all seems so tough. You have been through so much and you persevered through it all. This is a huge accomplishment. I believe in reaching for dreams God has put on our hearts….here is to your future, your goals and your dreams!! 🎓👨🏼‍🎓🎉#classof2017

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If you could save thousands…?

Thinking about family trips. I saved over $2600 with my travel club. I am so excited to take my kids on this trip this spring. A nice hotel and a trip full of excursions.  Who wouldn’t want to pay  2 /3 star prices for a 4/5 star trip? I know I’m in.




~Be the Light~


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Some of my Values

Just a few of My Values I hold close to my heart-
Lover of God
My kids lives above myself
Pretty eyes
Loving others
Wanting others to succeed
Wanting others to find their happiness/joy
Wanting others to live in freedom


~Be the Light~


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We made it 5 years

So this is of course a little late in posting but May seems to be a very full month.

My husband and I started a business 5 years ago the beginning of May and it is growing into something  amazing. Our vision is becoming alive.  We started just he and I and then partnered later with an awesome guy who is helping our company grow even more than we could imagine.

So here is to 5 amazing years and to many more!


If you have a dream in your heart do something with it. It is better to try and fail than to never try and regret it because you might just succeed!


Check us out on facebook and our website.



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In honor of Mother’s Day -Just Slow down my kidlets

I saw this video on Facebook the other day, watched it and in seconds my body started to tingle and the tears flowed. It’s in honor of Mothers day coming up but also because I am going through a time where I feel this, like please slow down already.

I want all of my babies to stop growing up. They are growing up way too fast especially my oldest. He turns 17 in a few months and he is ready to spread his wings.  Mom is not as important anymore and not so cool. But I do know moms coolness comes back after we as kids try out life for awhile and realize we need our moms and we love them and we can’t live without them.

Watch this and don’t tell me you won’t cry.  If you have children growing up and doing great things, you feel torn because you know you want them to stay little so you can love them in your home forever but at the same time you are so happy they are growing up to be amazing adults and you are proud that they are doing something great with their life. And even though we want it to slow down, as mothers and even fathers we can be grateful that we did something right and our kids are growing to be great adults.



Happy Mother’s Day to all the parents out there, the mommy’s and even the dads who have to do both jobs you all do a great job!




~Be the Light~


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Staying at Home/Working from Home

I had always wanted to be a stay at home mother for as long as my mind can remember. We tried to have me work out of the home with my first born but it was not my favorite thing to do and leaving my first baby was difficult. I was also in nursing school with my first but had a hard time to finish due to moving to a new state, being broke and time with a baby and trying to work and be a wife it was just too stressful so I dropped out with only 2 semesters to go. Though it was a big disappointment in myself I knew it was the right thing. Taking college courses on and off through the years to try and finish was a lot of work and it was hard to gain momentum and finding the extra funds to finish wasn’t easy. When our second boy came along it was not feasible to pay for 2 kids in day care so we chose for me to stay home full time. Then we had our 3rd and it was a given that working outside the home would not happen for a very long time. My husband was the main bread winner. We made it work. We gave up a lot but we had a lot as well.

So we chose the stay at home mom route. Now I am thankful for choosing this route but it has not always been what I dreamed it would be. You can lose a lot of who you are in this process of mom and wife. You don’t socialize as much with others because you are always home with your kids and the house is always calling your name. The life after awhile consumes you and you lose who you once thought you were.

There is also the problem when you say you are a stay at home, getting the stigma that we sit around doing nothing and eat bon bons all day, which sure there are days where that is possible but there are days where that is anything but true. There is also the ” oh you stay home so you are free for me to use you because I don’t have the time but I know you do since you don’t work.” This can cause a lot of crabbiness and misuse of a stay at home mom. We do work its just not the same as going to a job with a start time and an off time. We work around the clock but we also get the advantage for the most part to make our own schedule until when the kids start school, and they join every club and sport in the world and you become the driver. Don’t forget to add in volunteering, cleaning house,  making sure laundry is caught up and the kids have homework to do. When is dinner?, whats for dinner?,And Oh mom I forgot my science project is due tomorrow!

One of the big problems that came about  is the self worth became a big low. Without bringing in a paycheck there was the feeling of unworthiness because of not contributing to the money coming in.  That created the vicious cycle of never doing anything for myself and being put on the back burner due to guilt. My dreams were shoved away and it was ok for the most part. I loved raising my kids and to be home and make my own schedule and be at the beckon call of my children and husband. That part gave me worth as wife and a mother. But other parts of me did not see the worth in it.  I started to wonder is this really all there is? I have such a long to do list but I never feel rested, or pretty or like me and I miss doing things that did not revolve around the home or the children or my husband. There was a feeling of a tug of negativity and starting to resent this stay at home job that was once so truly wanted. I had given up a large part of me. What happened to Heather?


Then we decided to start our own business a few years back and I became involved doing the office work and books for my husbands business. The feeling of worth started  coming back. I was doing something that sounded a lot greater than I am just a mom. People see more worth when you tell them your working title. I saw the worth in my working title. But then  something happened and I realized something was still missing and the happy was missing. Some of my duties as just a mom and stay at home wife were being put on the back burner and it was hard to juggle it all.  This is what I wanted and had asked for this. I wanted to feel worth by working and having an official title to my name. There was this torn in two feeling, wondering why there was no happiness.

After a few years I told my husband I was not happy and I wanted to be home more so I could focus on homeschooling, the home, being a mom and to try and figure out what MY dreams really were. There were some things I wanted to try and pursue  but could never organize them because they were always jumbled in my crazy mind and there was this large to do list that never ended. Being a great husband that he is and after many talks he understood my struggle and my heart and my wish was granted.  Everything fell into place like it was suppose to and I got put in a working position that I wanted. I still had a part time office job where work was manageable, we could still home school, still volunteer at my daughters class, still be mom, still be wife and start to find out my passions and dreams that my heart was ready to experience.

What I have learned over the past few years is that I had to re position my mindset. I had to start appreciating what it is I really wanted. And titles are not really all that. I decided to pursue some of my passions with starting my blog, doing 2 work at home side businesses in makeup and in travel. Getting to work part time for my husbands business and still getting to have my own schedule, home school my boys, take care of the home and start to learn how to really live.  Stepping away from negativity and positioning my mind to say how grateful and thankful for each little thing and moment that I get to carry with me. It still takes a lot of work to grow each day but to get to be thankful as a worker, a mother and a wife, makes me feel truly blessed. Experiencing the best of the both worlds, makes me thankful and appreciate it. I wake up realizing my worth and how much more is out there and there are so many options to pursue dreams and find out who you are and to grow every day. Getting to cherish each moment and its all a choice! We get to choose each moment on this earth and how we will use them.

I get the privilege to stay at home and to work from home and for that I am thankful and I am blessed.


#choosetoday #choosethismoment

~Be the Light for all to See~




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Hawaii has my heart: Maui -Our Vacation 2016

We recently did our vacation to another Hawaiian Island. We went to Maui. Just like Oahu, I am in love. Of course this place had a whole different feel than Oahu does but I loved it every bit as much.

We did a 10 day trip which was 8 days actually on vacation and 2 days of traveling which ended up being perfect. After about day 7 of cleaning up all the sand from 3 kids, I was tired of it. But we still enjoyed every moment. I do miss being able to walk in the early mornings and evenings and the warm wind blowing on my skin. Eating dinner out on the Lanai was amazing as well.

We stayed in the Lahaina area which we absolutely loved. It was very quaint and still had all the necessities.

We had a 2 bedroom condo, it was clean and quiet and the full kitchen/washer and dryer were a great amenity. In our condo area it had its own private beach area on Kaanapali beach which was a gorgeous, relaxing beach. We went to the resort side one day to see black rock I much preferred the quiet side. The resort side was very busy but black rock was great for snorkeling. My youngest loved all the fish and it was calm water for her to swim.

We decided that boogey boarding was our thing while we were there. Kaanapali did not have very many waves  so we would go to D.T Fleming beach for the waves. Which is another great beach. Paia bay had some huge waves which was great for the boys but not so much for me and my daughter. It was pretty rough, but we still had a ton of fun.

On our trip we did the road to Hana. There are a ton of great articles online on all the neat places to stop along the way. We did quite a few and it took up a lot of our day so we did not make it all the way which I was bummed but we did not want to drive back in the dark. The road was a little scary but lots of beauty. One thing we all really enjoyed was walking the Garden of Eden.

We even stopped at a couple waterfalls and the kids jumped in and took a swim. There are a lot of mosquitos and they are tiny and bite a lot, so I recommend bug spray. I got eaten alive which I was a little nervous to get dengue fever from all the media hype about it but thankfully I am ok.

Also of course at the halfway to Hana watch for the rainbow sign and Do eat the banana bread. Very delicious.


After a few days of intense sun we decided to do the Maui Ocean Center. I had a discount with my travel club so we purchased tickets. It was a great half day to stay out of so much sun so we could do the beach in the afternoon when the sun wasn’t so hot. It is a smaller aquarium but lots to see. My daughter loved the talking like a whale. It was great to learn about all the fish in the sea so when we went on our our snorkeling tour we knew all the names.


Our last day we did a molikini snorkel tour which was AMAZING! The water was crystal blue! I highly recommend doing a tour. They are fun for the kids and us adults love them too. We did molikini and then went to turtle town USA and saw so many green turtles. Such cool scenery. Then on our way back we had a pod of whales breaching and mating right by the boat. Such an amazing life experience. Its hard to know how amazing nature really is until you see it up close and personal. That of course was everyone’s most favorite day.


There are some other cool things  you can do from Maui and take a day trip on a ferry to see the island of Molokai and Lanai. We did not have enough time to do that but I do want to try next time. I would love to see each island.

Other than those few things, we did a lot of swimming and relaxing, Eating fresh fruit and enjoying the Hawaiian culture.

If you have never been, do go, there are so many cool experiences in Hawaii. ~ Next time we are going to try Kona. And I can’t wait to see what that island is all about.

I am getting my travel wings on~


#choosethismoment #choosetoday


~Be the light for all to See~



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I have the Travel Bug…

I love to travel.

Every bit of it.

The planning,

searching for the best price,

packing our bags,

getting my home ready for me to leave it,

the list to cross off,

flying on the plane,

eating airplane/airport food,

Staying at hotel with room service,

taking pictures and seeing new things

leaving all my responsibilities out the door

not having to plan meals,

enjoying my family,

All the routine of life getting thrown out the window and living out of a suitcase for a few weeks with only a few choices to make.

I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember.

When I was a kid my mom would come sit with me and list off all the exciting things that would be coming up. Everyday we would have something new to dream about. It was so fun to think of a change in environment. It created this excitement deep down in my belly of an adventure coming right around the corner.

I remember sleepy nights where my parents would pack all of us kids up in the back of a station wagon and the next morning we would be  in another state. I loved it. It created so many good memories. Even though we were not well off and my dad worked really hard to let us have a great life, they did a great job making our childhood full of adventure and they always tried to take us on a family trip every year even if it was to visit family, there was always something to look forward to.

As we are getting older and the kids are growing I find my love and dream of travel arising in my soul and it is in my plain view of a real possibility. So many years it was easy to make excuses why we couldn’t go but now it’s time! Right now its only about once or twice a year but I have made a decision where I will be able to go as often as once a month.

I made a life changing decision to see the world and I will never go back.

To see the world is to see with a new vision.  To learn, to Inspire, to help others see there is more to this life!

I am thrilled to see all that is in store for me in the next few days, months, years to come.

It’s adventures.

It’s memories.

It’s fun.

And It’s appreciation for everything that I have.

#choosethismoment #choosetoday

~Be the Light for all to See~




Family vacation memories


I took this along a stroll while my family was sleeping and I woke up to sunshine on a wonderful family vacation to Disneyworld. This was on the opposite side of the Boardwalk Hotel. All I could see and taste and hear was Pure beauty! The wonders of being still, of listening, of cherishing!

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Dedicated because I love my brothers

I love this song and the meaning behind it. I have 3 brothers, I am the oldest out of us 4. I have always loved to be their caretaker. No matter the differences we all have as we have grown older I still love them to pieces and they will always hold a special place deep in my heart.
Sibling love is something cherished and close to me, here’s to you brothers.
I love you…



Ramblers in the wilderness we can’t find what we need
Get a little restless from the searching
Get a little worn down in between
Like a bull chasing the matador is the man left to his own schemes
Everybody needs someone beside em’ shining like a lighthouse from the sea

Brother let me be your shelter
I’ll never leave you all alone
I can be the one you call
When you’re low
Brother let me be your fortress
When the night winds are driving on
Be the one to light the way
Bring you home

Face down in the desert now there’s a cage locked around my heart
I found a way to drop the keys where my failures were
Now my hands can’t reach that far
I ain’t made for a rivalry I could never take the world alone
I know that in my weakness I am strong, but
It’s your love that brings me home

Brother let me be your shelter
I’ll never leave you all alone
I can be the one you call
When you’re low
Brother let me be your fortress
When the night winds are driving on
Be the one to light the way
Bring you home

And when you call and need me near
Sayin’ where’d you go?
Brother I’m right here
And on those days when the sky begins to fall
You’re the blood of my blood
We can get through it all

Brother let me be your shelter
I’ll never leave you all alone
I can be the one you call
When you’re feelin’ low
Brother let me be your fortress
When the night winds are driving on
Be the one to light the way
Bring you home

Brother let me be your shelter
I’ll never leave you all alone
I can be the one you call
When you’re low
Brother let me be your fortress
When the night winds are driving on
Be the one to light the way
Bring you home
Be the one to light the way
Bring you home