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We all Have the time….

We all say it and do it.  We are just so busy.

But who asked you to be this busy?

Were you forced or did your mind tell you that you had to be busy so you could let everyone know just how important your time is and that you just don’t have any?

This world has become so crazy with schedules and trying so hard to keep up that we forget we are in control of our calendars.

We are the ones choosing to run around and try and fit so much in and most of the time its wearing us down and we are so exhausted we forgot why we are doing what we were seeking to do.

This is where being intentional with our time and with our choices of what we pick is so important. I am speaking to mysef as well because I get caught up in over doing everything because I think thats what I am suppose to do.

And sometimes it is for a season but the greatest thing is realizing that we have a choice in what we put on our calendar and what we choose to do daily.

We all have time, it is just the lack of time management that we struggle with.

Today I am choosing to be intentional with my time.  I am reading,thinking, writing, asking questions, filing everyday. I am choosing how my time will be spent. I will have control over the day instead of the day having control over me.

Recap your day and see if you were able to do what you set out to do or if it ended up taking control over you. You can do it with your calendar and start reflecting and start choosing.

Do you know why you are doing what you would like to do with your life?


~Be the Light~


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All consuming Fear inside of me


Why is fear so hard to overcome?

Here I am sitting in the stillness listening to my mind telling me all the things that I want to do but don’t feel like its worth doing or that I am worth doing it.

Everything I want in life tells me that I am just a failure. Everything I want to work for is a lie. Everything I told myself is truth is not. My mind says Heather your fears are greater than your actions. All these words mean nothing because you are letting yourself be held back. By your own self.

And so I say STOP…. Fear be Gone

You will choose the life of your dreams and you will not wait any longer. It is time to soar….



~Be the Light~


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We made it 5 years

So this is of course a little late in posting but May seems to be a very full month.

My husband and I started a business 5 years ago the beginning of May and it is growing into something  amazing. Our vision is becoming alive.  We started just he and I and then partnered later with an awesome guy who is helping our company grow even more than we could imagine.

So here is to 5 amazing years and to many more!


If you have a dream in your heart do something with it. It is better to try and fail than to never try and regret it because you might just succeed!


Check us out on facebook and our website.



~Be the Light~



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Both work and play are important

I believe in hard work. But I also believe in play. I believe in grasping those precious moments of time where everything stands still and you think man I love my life. This life is worth choosing.

Having the best of both worlds is what we need. It’s what we crave. It’s what keeps us going. But sadly many of us don’t do it. Either we feel guilty because the world makes us believe we should be busy 24/7 and you are lazy if you stop or we just forget to stop and smell the roses. Even God took a time to rest after all of His work. It’s important and we were made for it.

I believe its important to take time off from your everyday work. If we keep going and going and never rest we can’t really enjoy all that our life gives us. We burn out. We get sad or depressed or stressed and sometimes we just get in a funk and can’t figure out why. We lose a lot of precious life because we say no not right now to our time or rest.

I was raised in hard work. Work always was before play. Saturday morning my dad would come upstairs and blow his trumpet in our face to wake us up for our Saturday morning breakfast and then it was time to work. Even when we had friends over we had to work. My friends didn’t always like that, usually they would say “oh I think my mom is calling. Got to go.”

Our pay was our favorite candy, a drink and a lot of life lessons I didn’t know I was learning until I grew up. We would of course grumble and get off to the day. He would have us move one pile of wood to another pile and we never knew why he would have us move piles when the pile it was in, seemed just fine. But now as I am older and I am raising my kids I realized it wasn’t really for any reason except he was teaching us responsibility and that hard work was important to get where we wanted to go in life. And he was teaching us to keep going so bad choices didn’t happen. Hard work is good.

We didn’t have a lot of money growing up but my parents always tried to do something fun for us every so often. Be it a camping trip or a visit to another state to visit family but we always had a fun adventure planned. We even went to Disneyland as kids. And with this lesson we learned that after all that good Hard work, that Play is good.

As a parent now and grown up I look back at things I learned as a child and I realize I am thankful for many of those lessons. Even if I didn’t always like it I am glad I learned that in life we need both hard work and we need play.

We are choosing our life to take a family vacation and explore. Lets choose to enjoy life more often! Let’s choose to take some time for rest for reward after your hard work. Work hard and play hard too!

Here’s an article about us not giving time to take a break. We own a business and find it important to get away from it all. Business can take over your life and mind if you let it and its very important to step away from all the work and regroup and rest and let your mind become creative again. We need to stop and learn to grasp each moment. We all get a choice to find the time. It is there we just need to do it.


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~Be the light for all to See~


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I’m not Just Busy to Be Busy Any Longer I’m making the change

I had a dream I was going to travel the world as a kid. I wanted to see all the beautiful, wonderful places that you could ever dream of. I wanted to travel and help others and be a part of cultures. I remember as a kid my parents taking us on a mission trip with my youth group and we built a school in Tijuana, Mexico. It still sticks with me today bonding with those kids and families and they were so excited that we had chose to come help them make a difference in their lives. That still sits with me today.

But I chose to make a slight change in my travel path.

I fell in love young, married, had kids and we started the American dream of jobs, struggling financially, debt and  running on the almighty hamster wheel that we love to call life. We were slaves to this American dream!

I  love many things about my everyday life and my routine, it works for me but I also love adventure and excitement, new ideas and changes.

I want to see this world and I want to make a difference. I want to love big and be more. When you trade all that for mediocre life you lose yourself and your meaning. You lose what you were truly made to do.

I could never quite put my finger on what I was exactly feeling or why what we were doing wasn’t creating the happiness we were trying so hard to strive for. I wanted so much more. I did not understand how to get there though and how we could make the changes to get there. I would just pray “Dear God I want more for this life and I feel lost and alone”.

We were living as slaves to what we thought was suppose to make us happy. Except we weren’t really happy. We were broke all the time, living above our means and never really feeling content. We had  a nice house, nice cars etc etc but it didn’t really matter. We traded our happiness and joy for the mundane and material things and a life of keeping our time occupied so much that we could not enjoy one another. We were proud to use the phrase “I’m so busy”. Because we knew that being busy means you are doing big things, being busy means you are important, being busy means you are not a failure at life.

The one thing with being busy was that I did not feel important. I felt sad. I had given away so much of myself in trying to be others happiness that I actually lost who I was along the way. I lost a spark that was once there. My identity was missing. I forgot what I truly wanted and I forgot to keep the special part of me in the mix. I felt like I was chained to this miserable life and  every last breath was being squeezed out of me. The only time I felt free was when I got away from the routine and escaped life for a bit. For a few days on a vacation I could pretend that my life was what we meant it to be.

Over the last few years we have given up much and been given much. We have become debt free and we have created more debt and become debt free again. We have dealt with pain and we have dealt with beauty.

Together we have learned to start living and what this life really means to us. We are realizing the most important part of life and it is not things. It is moments. It is big ones and it is little ones.

It is helping people when they are in need and the one thing I know that being debt free and living a life of freedom means to me is that I can help others find their dreams and their passions. I want to share my struggles and my success so others will know its ok to be different.

We really can choose to love our life. It matters to feel your purpose and to be proud of it. Its ok to enjoy life and not just be busy to be busy. Cherish life because its short.

Be a difference maker, make a change, be more!

I have accomplished three awesome dreams – They are my kids and I am so proud of how they are turning out. I want them to know that life is more than having the nicest car that you can’t afford and the nicest house but its about seeing someone who struggles and you go to them with love in your eyes and you help them.

We were called for that purpose to love one another. And whatever way or means we are given that is what we do.

I just read this great post from Dr. Henry Cloud the other day and it rings true. I was able to listen to Dr. Henry Cloud live at EntreSummit and he blew me away. I have many of his books and I am starting to read his Boundaries with Leader, what a wise man. I love what he has to say.

Hey Guys-

Things that are alive naturally have a curiosity for increasing experience, skills, knowledge, and other things of life. If you look at children, this is one of the things that stands out the most. They are always looking for the next experience, what is “around the corner.” In fact, the big problem in parenting is not to get them motivated, but to discipline and limit their natural motivation in a helpful direction and manner.

Learning a new language, making new friends, how to buy and sell real estate, stepping out to start a company, is doing what children do, looking for more. It is normal. The problem is that, that normal is not common in adults. What is more common is people who have had their hunger and passion diminished or injured in some way.

They have “anorexia of life.” If you have seen people with the medical condition of anorexia, you know what happens. They have no appetite and have begun to wither, severely. In the same way that our physical appetite drives us to food, unless we are anoretic, our growth appetite should drive us to desiring new experiences. This should be normal, but unfortunately it’s not so common.

Many people and organizations do not experience that drive and have gone into a dull state of “maintaining.” They are just continuing to be the way they are, day after day. They relate to their spouses, kids, coworkers, and friends in the same way, never wanting to grow into relating differently, or more deeply. Rarely making new friends or traveling to new cities. They go about their careers the same way, doing what they have always done, following the conveyer belt of doing what is required of them.

Their personal lives are the same way. The dull themselves with only mindless television or reading, or social interaction that never goes below the surface of well-traveled topics, or old patterns. You could almost peer into their lives in the same activity year after year and see no difference. The reasons are manifold. But, they all fall into a few categories. There are ways in which their desire to grow has been injured or stifled. There are ways in which they have not had the ingredients that are necessary for growth. All of these have incredible implications for our own character and growth in the areas where they apply.

Something to think about heading into the weekend…


*For more on this topics please see my book and digital program – Integrity

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Live a life of Freedom


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Creating our own Mission

When I  first started my blog I wanted to complain about having a type 1 diabetic and celiac son. I wanted to complain about being a mom and a wife. And then I just wanted to complain period.

Then later I thought I could do something towards health  or something of the other and I had a million things I wanted it to be about but I could never quite feel it and get in my groove.

With so much complaining, all I wanted was it to be something of an outlet but not an outlet that was me whining, having a pity party, day in and day out.

One night as I lay in bed trying to figure out what I was wanting in life, I heard These words “choose today”. I was tired of being negative and whining . It wasn’t getting me anywhere, which came about my thoughts on how I would CHOOSE today.

I thought, I can choose today to be so much more.

To make a difference. To be who God wants me to be. To be who I want to be. Though I struggle and it’s hard, I still get to make that choice.

As I have been in the process of changing my thoughts and my perception, I have really been trying to figure out what I want and how I want to portray who I am. I had this thought in my mind but I couldn’t see it clearly, It kept changing. I kept growing.

Today my blog is about inspiration.

It’s about being a mom and a wife.

It’s about the ups and the downs and all the in between.

It’s about making dreams with my husband and seeing sometimes that the other ones may go away.

It’s about stepping out and owning a business while trying to raise our kids and do so much we never thought was possible by just having a little faith.

It’s about sharing my love of adventure and travel and photography and all the little things that make life seem so special and to create memories.

It’s about not always getting it right but sharing that it’s ok to be down, it’s ok to be up, its ok to enjoy all the little moments.

It’s about showing my kids how to keep hanging on when the going gets tough and to come out stronger in the end.

It’s about teaching them to be so much more than they could ever see possible and for us to be so much more than we thought we ever could.

It’s about creating the moments that make up our life and that we get to choose how we react in those moments, good and bad.

Each day is a new day.

I get to choose how I want to make it.

It may take time to break the bad habits and to get where your goal is but each moment adds up to bigger moments until you have finally reached your goal and then you are ready to make a new one.

It’s about making those moments exciting and finding the laughter when all we may seem to find is sadness. It’s about sharing my story so I can hopefully inspire someone else to share their story and we can all create a bright shining light and help others to see their life is worth living.

It’s worth thriving!

It’s worth making all your moments count. It’s about not taking anything for granted. It’s about being thankful for all things- every little moment!

And so here it is, where I want to share with you how to, choose this moment, today, even when sometimes we don’t feel like it.

It is not possible for it to always be perfect or for us to always be happy. We are going to have down days and bad things that may happen but if we can choose how to grow in those moments and be grateful.

If we could share our story to  help someone else who may feel all alone and let them know, hey you are not alone in this. You got this. You can make it through that trial. You can make it through today.

All you have to do is choose today, choose this moment right now and I promise it will all be worth it!


#choosetoday  #choosethismoment

Be a Shining Light for all to see!!



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Are you writing down your vision?


Lately I have this push in my soul for something more. I feel it often but then shove it aside and ignore it. Well it seems to be really getting to me lately. I have let myself go and just get into everyday life that seems to not be ready for change and I get in a big rut.

My husband and I took a Dream Journey class back in March. If you have never checked out Dream Culture you really should. It has a lot of steps on how to get where you want to be and do things you have always wanted to do but maybe you lost site because, well, life seems to do that to us.

I haven’t exactly applied everything I learned but I know I want to. So I decided I was going to set goals and put my vision down instead of just wishing I could do something about it and I am really doing something about it. The problem with dreaming is we don’t always follow through so it just ends up being a waste but if you actually put your goals and vision down on a piece of a paper they can become truth and alive and you want to pursue them. When you are ready to accomplish that you can get amazing results. Other times we have goals or dreams we though we wanted but they change as we get older or life changes and that is ok too. Its good to dream off old dreams or change your mind sometimes.

I have decided I will write out one goal to get done each day, even if its a small victory. Such as, I will choose to get up 10 minutes earlier tomorrow or I will make an effort to not dress in just sweatshirts and jeans everyday or maybe I will watch the foods I put in my mouth so I can be healthier. I will not waste my work hours by checking facebook or twitter. It can be a big or little goal just as long as we have something to keep us motivated and going each and every day and not burn out on life.

By midnight on New year this year, I made a goal that I would have over 100 dreams written down. They had to be things I want to do, I need to do and crazy things that I don’t believe I could possibly do such as go skydiving. I ended up with 110 by 2pm on New Years Eve and I can keep going. Next I am picking my top 10 I want to see done in the next 2 months.

It feels good to write it down and accomplish. Last year when we took that dream class,  I had  wrote a few things down I wanted done and when I go back to my list from the class, I realized I had already accomplished 4 things on my list last year. That may not seem like a lot but its about the small victories. We have to look at the smaller picture and not make it so big or it gets overwhelming and we give up.

If you have not done so, I challenge everyone to write down a dream and make it a vision and a goal! What will you accomplish for your success and your dreams this year?

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Sometimes our dreams are not the same

IMG_5367These are thoughts on how I help my husband in his dreams and still find time to make sure I follow my dreams…

1.First off give all  anger, frustration, sadness or whatever emotions you struggle with to God. when you feel like you aren’t doing what you want in life it gets very tough and I can be hard on myself and get very down. Talking to God, studying my bible, talking to someone, helps tremendously.

2. Be up front with your husband. He deserves to know your true thoughts and desires of your hearts. He will be understanding and respectful that you are helping him in his dream but that you plan on doing your own in the future.
I was very upfront in the beginning that this is not exactly my dream. He forgets sometimes but in discussion we can bring it up and he knows.
3. Find someone you can talk to or vent to and if not, journaling helps. I write a frustration down or an emotion and I’ll study the meaning and search in the bible for verses to help with it. I can look back and either laugh and think I was being silly or I can see if I’m still feeling that. Just writing anything and everything helps me a lot.
4. Write your dreams down. If its not the right time for them you don’t want to forget it.

I have come to realization that even though I don’t think I’m following  my dreams I actually am and I’m in the process of more to come. Gods preparing me and my heart.
Right now my dream is to help my husband and to have a powerful relationship with him and growing together in God. By helping him in his business we are learning to communicate better and just have faith and trust God.
Another dream has been to raise my kids and not work outside the home. By helping in this business I can have the things I want even though it isn’t always easy but we both have goals so we decided we had to write them down and we compared each others to see how it all fit.

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Don’t limit yourself

imagesWe all set these limits and tell ourselves we can’t or excuses for why things we want won’t work out and why we shouldn’t do something. Today I say choose to stop those limits.  We are made for our dreams and desires. Choose them. There is a reason why you ask yourself “is this all there is”?  We were made for so much more then many of us have settled for.

There was a point in our life where we are told to stop dreaming and start being responsible. Or we had something happen to us which created a fear in us, so we start living a life that we really don’t want. Its a life of just surviving and going through the motions. You can’t really live if you are always setting yourself up for failure and not following what is really in your heart.   A few months ago I decided that I needed to start figuring out what I really wanted in life because I knew that this life I was living was not where I wanted it to be. I knew I had this burning desire of helping others and being able to choose beyond my wildest dreams. Of course I have things I am happy for and I am thankful for those choices. But I knew there was an abundance of adventures to be had and instead I was just slowly wilting away and  feeling sorry for myself. I made every excuse up for why I could not do the things I dream of. I could not find happiness or joy no matter how much I tried. I was dark and the negative thoughts filled me daily.   I woke up one morning and thought this needs to change. I need to change. My mindset needed to change and it was my choice. What path would I choose?

I believe many of us are lost. Somewhere along this life people are getting more and more lost and we are trying to find our way back again to where we are suppose to be. We are realizing there is more and we can choose to have more than just settling for second best. It is a hard choice and hard to think of the positive but I know it is possible.

So I ask this- What are your goals? Your dreams or desires? How can you make a difference?  And will you change your mindset and stopping putting limits on your dreams?


Choose Today- Choose Impossible  ~Luke 1:37

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postive, encouraging, nourished soul


Definition of NOURISH

: to promote the growth of <no occasions to exercise the feelings nor nourish passion — L. O. Coxe>
a : to furnish or sustain with nutriment : feed

b : maintain, support <their profits…nourish other criminal activities — Beverly Smith>

Nourish your soul! In whatever way that may be- nourish it to help you grow. To help you become a better person. To live your dreams! How will you choose to be positive and encouraging?   I choose today to nourish my soul!