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All consuming Fear inside of me


Why is fear so hard to overcome?

Here I am sitting in the stillness listening to my mind telling me all the things that I want to do but don’t feel like its worth doing or that I am worth doing it.

Everything I want in life tells me that I am just a failure. Everything I want to work for is a lie. Everything I told myself is truth is not. My mind says Heather your fears are greater than your actions. All these words mean nothing because you are letting yourself be held back. By your own self.

And so I say STOP…. Fear be Gone

You will choose the life of your dreams and you will not wait any longer. It is time to soar….



~Be the Light~


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When its time to purge the negative


Not everyday works the way you want it. There are times when an overwhelming presence of darkness tries to creep in and take you over and burn the light out that you have worked so hard to shine bright. It has you looking over the edge wondering if you can keep a strong hold.

The one thing I have promised myself is I will not let that happen again. There are days when it seems its raining and then it starts to pour, one thing after another start to fill you up with negativity and nothing seems good. When this happens all I see is the negative side of life. I start to listen to it and fill myself up with self doubt.

I have had a few of those days lately. I try really hard to be positive but my old self wants to find every good reason to just let the dark rain cloud pour over me. I can’t find any good out of the why.

But my new self comes in and is taking hold because I have worked so hard to train my brain to focus on the power of positive and see the light and so I ask why is this happening? What can learn from this situation? Is there a good part to this bad situation? It helps to ask questions to change your focus. It does take work and takes being independent and not following what everyone else does. Many of us just go with the flow and accept it but we don’t have to. We have the power to change it.  It makes us stronger.

Some things I decide when I am trying to purge the negativity:


-Throw out old clothes or do a clean out of clutter in my house that I don’t want

-Read a Bible verse

-Look at old pictures that remind you of happiness

-Read a good book

-Listen to a positive, uplifting song or podcast

-Rid my social media of negativity by unfollowing or unliking.

-Cleaning out my email box of unwanted junk that fills it up

There are many more but these are few off the top of my head that work for me.

We all have the power to change our thinking and our situation. Find what good can come out of that overwhelming situation. Purge the negativity. It can be tough but each time you do it, the better life gets. We can’t change other people but we can change ourselves and it all starts with us!

#choosetoday #choosethismoment

~Be the Light~


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Creating our own Mission

When I  first started my blog I wanted to complain about having a type 1 diabetic and celiac son. I wanted to complain about being a mom and a wife. And then I just wanted to complain period.

Then later I thought I could do something towards health  or something of the other and I had a million things I wanted it to be about but I could never quite feel it and get in my groove.

With so much complaining, all I wanted was it to be something of an outlet but not an outlet that was me whining, having a pity party, day in and day out.

One night as I lay in bed trying to figure out what I was wanting in life, I heard These words “choose today”. I was tired of being negative and whining . It wasn’t getting me anywhere, which came about my thoughts on how I would CHOOSE today.

I thought, I can choose today to be so much more.

To make a difference. To be who God wants me to be. To be who I want to be. Though I struggle and it’s hard, I still get to make that choice.

As I have been in the process of changing my thoughts and my perception, I have really been trying to figure out what I want and how I want to portray who I am. I had this thought in my mind but I couldn’t see it clearly, It kept changing. I kept growing.

Today my blog is about inspiration.

It’s about being a mom and a wife.

It’s about the ups and the downs and all the in between.

It’s about making dreams with my husband and seeing sometimes that the other ones may go away.

It’s about stepping out and owning a business while trying to raise our kids and do so much we never thought was possible by just having a little faith.

It’s about sharing my love of adventure and travel and photography and all the little things that make life seem so special and to create memories.

It’s about not always getting it right but sharing that it’s ok to be down, it’s ok to be up, its ok to enjoy all the little moments.

It’s about showing my kids how to keep hanging on when the going gets tough and to come out stronger in the end.

It’s about teaching them to be so much more than they could ever see possible and for us to be so much more than we thought we ever could.

It’s about creating the moments that make up our life and that we get to choose how we react in those moments, good and bad.

Each day is a new day.

I get to choose how I want to make it.

It may take time to break the bad habits and to get where your goal is but each moment adds up to bigger moments until you have finally reached your goal and then you are ready to make a new one.

It’s about making those moments exciting and finding the laughter when all we may seem to find is sadness. It’s about sharing my story so I can hopefully inspire someone else to share their story and we can all create a bright shining light and help others to see their life is worth living.

It’s worth thriving!

It’s worth making all your moments count. It’s about not taking anything for granted. It’s about being thankful for all things- every little moment!

And so here it is, where I want to share with you how to, choose this moment, today, even when sometimes we don’t feel like it.

It is not possible for it to always be perfect or for us to always be happy. We are going to have down days and bad things that may happen but if we can choose how to grow in those moments and be grateful.

If we could share our story to  help someone else who may feel all alone and let them know, hey you are not alone in this. You got this. You can make it through that trial. You can make it through today.

All you have to do is choose today, choose this moment right now and I promise it will all be worth it!


#choosetoday  #choosethismoment

Be a Shining Light for all to see!!




Younique makeup

These are some of the many reasons I love Younique


I started using this makeup in June 2014 and fell in love! I usually get really itchy eyes with certain make ups and my eyes will water all day. Of all the  makeup I have tried of youniques, eye serum, rose water, 3d mascara, eye liner and eye shadow, none has bothered my eyes. I can not even tell I’m wearing it. I wear it all day until I wash it off in the evening with no problems. I absolutely love the silky feeling of the mineral makeup and I’m finding the pigment eye shadow to be my favorite eyeshadow I’ve ever tried.

Check it out and I just know you will love it too

The great thing is if you do have any issues they have a love it guarantee, if you don’t love it just return it no questions asked.

For more information check out my page



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Dedicated because I love my brothers

I love this song and the meaning behind it. I have 3 brothers, I am the oldest out of us 4. I have always loved to be their caretaker. No matter the differences we all have as we have grown older I still love them to pieces and they will always hold a special place deep in my heart.
Sibling love is something cherished and close to me, here’s to you brothers.
I love you…



Ramblers in the wilderness we can’t find what we need
Get a little restless from the searching
Get a little worn down in between
Like a bull chasing the matador is the man left to his own schemes
Everybody needs someone beside em’ shining like a lighthouse from the sea

Brother let me be your shelter
I’ll never leave you all alone
I can be the one you call
When you’re low
Brother let me be your fortress
When the night winds are driving on
Be the one to light the way
Bring you home

Face down in the desert now there’s a cage locked around my heart
I found a way to drop the keys where my failures were
Now my hands can’t reach that far
I ain’t made for a rivalry I could never take the world alone
I know that in my weakness I am strong, but
It’s your love that brings me home

Brother let me be your shelter
I’ll never leave you all alone
I can be the one you call
When you’re low
Brother let me be your fortress
When the night winds are driving on
Be the one to light the way
Bring you home

And when you call and need me near
Sayin’ where’d you go?
Brother I’m right here
And on those days when the sky begins to fall
You’re the blood of my blood
We can get through it all

Brother let me be your shelter
I’ll never leave you all alone
I can be the one you call
When you’re feelin’ low
Brother let me be your fortress
When the night winds are driving on
Be the one to light the way
Bring you home

Brother let me be your shelter
I’ll never leave you all alone
I can be the one you call
When you’re low
Brother let me be your fortress
When the night winds are driving on
Be the one to light the way
Bring you home
Be the one to light the way
Bring you home




We like to break things in our household

My family has a habit of breaking things, and bones in particular seem to be the most common.

On a beautiful, sunny Spring, Sunday evening we had to take our daughter to the ER. She was playing outside and decided to go on the rope swing without supervision, what happened next was a parents nightmare.
She shares her story on her blog link below.


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This is what I am talking about

Down below is a link to a new website I have found through some of the health blogs I follow. I am loving what she has to say. I have tried so many diets and fitness programs only to find that moderation is key. When I stop telling myself I can’t have certain foods the less I crave those foods and I start wanting what my body is really asking for. I have lost and gained plus 10 the same weight over the years only to find myself in search of the next quick fix.

I have looked back over old pictures where I thought I was disgusting and fat and think well if only I was that weight again, “What was I thinking”?

DSC_0095Here I am after working out many hours a day and per week and eating a low amount of calories to try and be small like I was before kids. (note to self not possible no matter how hard I have tried) My body is not even the same after having children as it was in high school. I had lost close to 40lbs here. I actually was not happy here because I wanted to try and lose 30 more lbs but as I look back at pictures of all this weight I had lost I see the sickness in my face and I look tired. It never seemed to be enough.


I was very unhappy with myself in this picture. I like to try and hide part of me. I had put on about 20 lbs from losing a lot of weight just because I couldn’t stand the small  amount of calories I was eating with the many hours a day and week I was working out. It was not sustainable. So I started eating more calories again and instantly put weight back on.


Here Is a more recent picture where I was unhappy because I had put on even more weight. I had decided to stop weighing myself so I am  not sure what I weighed. Later as I looked at this picture,  instead of hating myself I chose to be thankful because here I was ziplining in Belize with my oldest son, who has type 1 diabetes. I was proud I was strong and capable to be able to take part in these activities and that my son and I were able to have this amazing experience. I decided it was time to change my perspective. I was not the weight I thought I needed to be but I loved the parts of me that I could. Strong arms that can hold my children, strong muscles that let me do fun things like ziplining, my eyes and my smile. These are what I slowly had to list that I liked about myself. It was and still is a slow, long process because old habits come back and I want to pick everything I see wrong and I get upset because I want to be thin.

As I look at these pictures of myself I don’t see why I thought I was so fat. Yeah of course I am not a bikini model but I looked beautiful and my kids think I am beautiful and my husband thinks I am beautiful so that is what should matter. Why are we so hard on ourselves. We have this image of what we think we are supposed to look like and I think it just sucks so much out of lives we should be living instead of focusing on all the miserable.

This is not a get thin quick gimmick, it takes time to love yourself and realize its ok that there are a few rolls or stretch marks etc here and there. We are not made to have perfect bodies and be airbrushed. It is just not possible no matter how hard we try to do it.

It starts with loving and accepting who you are. It is knowing that you are worth it and then the rest slowly starts to fall into place.

#choosetoday #choosethismoment



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I’m wide awake

I’m laying in bed with a million and one of random thoughts running through my head.

I am wide awake.

I write that and all I can think of is Katy Perry’s song and her voice singing “I’m wide awake”

yes  these are the randomness thoughts in my head tonight.

Now you want to go listen to that song on youtube. I know, you are welcome.

I decided I would post a random post tonight because I have nothing to say but yet I have so much to say. I went to go journal the ramblings so hopefully they will make a good blog post soon or maybe multiple blog posts. Who knows.

But off I go to decide to try and sleep and think of song lyrics besides I am wide awake.

What do you do on nights you can’t go to sleep and a million thoughts are running through your head?

~Live Loud , Run Wild, Be Free~

#Choosetoday #choosethismoment




-Choosing – Light


I’ve been in darkness- the darkness that robs you of your life. It haunts you, it tells you there’s nothing worth living for.

It says this life is too hard. When I have to try and I don’t want to. All I wanted to do is stay wrapped up in my bed in the dark and hide from everyone and everything.

I did not like myself. I felt ugly, fat, worthless, what was my point for even being alive?! I couldn’t make a difference.

I had three reasons to wake up and even those three reasons weren’t making it as easy as it once was. I had a thick black cloud that wouldn’t leave me and I wondered would I ever feel free?

Until I decided that wasn’t a way to live. I was over here having a pity party for myself when there were others with a lot worse going on in their lives but they still managed to live. I was being selfish.

I cried out to God and said open my eyes. Help me see me how you see me.

Show me my purpose.

Be with me even when I question your truth. What is your truth God I’m so confused?

This didn’t happen quickly in the blink of an eye. It was a slow process until I started to realize that black cloud had completely faded.
I was looking forward to the day and I was ready to tackle life.

My three important reasons that kept me going needed me. they needed me to teach them the real way to live. full of sparkle, full of wonderment, full of life. Finding Gods truth in all things.

Knowing he loves us even when we question him.
Knowing we are worth more than silver and gold to him

Living free from chains and bondage.

These three human beings they are my purpose.

I’ve been in darkness and I found the light!
I don’t ever want to go back…

Be the light… Matthew 5:14

John 1:5 And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

John 12:35 Then Jesus said to them, Yet a little while is the light with you. Walk while you have the light, lest darkness come on you: for he that walks in darkness knows not where he goes.

What haunts you? Do you ever feel like you can’t really live? Can you reach for the light out of the darkness?
Do you know what you are worth?

#choosetoday #choosethismoment #bethelight



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postive, encouraging, nourished soul


Definition of NOURISH

: to promote the growth of <no occasions to exercise the feelings nor nourish passion — L. O. Coxe>
a : to furnish or sustain with nutriment : feed

b : maintain, support <their profits…nourish other criminal activities — Beverly Smith>

Nourish your soul! In whatever way that may be- nourish it to help you grow. To help you become a better person. To live your dreams! How will you choose to be positive and encouraging?   I choose today to nourish my soul!