Choose Today


“Fear not that you will die, Fear rather that you will never really live”


-To be myself

-To know I have the power to Choose every single day

-To know I am worthy

-To know that God loves me no matter what

-To Know that flaws are ok

-To know I am not perfect

-To not try so hard

-To live in Today’s presence

-To do the impossible

-To Make a Good Choice

 -To Forgive

-To Dream

-To Live

-To Love

-To Laugh

-To Believe

-To Breathe

-To Be Free

-To Have Faith

-To be Courageous

-To be EXTRAordinary

-To be Encouraging

-To Have Grace

-To be Merciful

-To be Thoughtful

-To be Caring

-To Keep my Love on

-To Love on Purpose

-To Love the little moments

-To Walk with Jesus

-To be Joyful

-To have Adventures

-To love me for me

-To Smile

-To Give to others

-To be a great Wife

-To be faithful to my spouse

-To be a great Mom

-To get up even when I don’t want to

-To stand up for what I believe

-To do what I am called to do

-To not always try to please everyone except myself

-To know I am allowed to say No

-To set boundaries

-To have a positive mindset

-To make time for me

-To always learn new things

-To make a Difference

-To love at your darkest

Luke 1:37 ” Nothing is impossible with God”

*photos on this page are by Heather Linden


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