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Be the Light

6DCF371F-CF38-40A9-A581-09C9632AE31BAre you shining your light?
There is a lot of darkness in this world but there is so much good too. Don’t let the sad, dark stories that try to take over consume the soul. Know that for all that others see that is bad there is good within it. We sometimes have to look hard but it is there.

Those who have a light to shine, shine it. Don’t be afraid. Be a voice. Share your story. Do what it is that is calling in on your heart. Hear that voice telling you that you are worth it. Believe in yourself.

Psalm 36:9 For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light

Light is invisible, and yet everything is invisible until light strikes it. As with God, we can’t see him but when we get in his “Light” we see and know his love.

How can you be a shining light today?


~Be the Light~


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All the little things, thats what counts

At least an each hour a day. You can spare it.

Most of it we are wasting looking at a computer, playing on our phone, watching mind numbing shows, and video games. Whatever it is, we all have the time but we choose to waste it. We just have to manage it. We have to set goals, we have to put a time limit on it.

Everyday all the little things you do day in and day out, that’s what counts.

Are you making good use of the time you are given to accomplish what you want?

I have a problem with over thinking so many things and dragging my feet to finish something because I just don’t want to do it. I have to buckle down , make a list and set days to do things  I don’t want to do. There will come a day when I can delegate some of these tasks, right now my kids help me. Boy does it feel good to get the list done, crossing it off, knowing it’s not nagging me in the back of my mind anymore, setting me free to accomplish what I really want and love to do!!!

Do you know what you really want out of life?

Stop wishing and start doing.

Start now.

Start right this moment.

All the littlest small baby steps they count. You can do it!!



~Be the Light~



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It is ok to not know

Working hard. Monday is here.

My weekend was very busy but I got a lot accomplished. We got to celebrate the birth of a life of someone I love dearly, my dad. My dad through his actions made me the person I am today and I thank him for that.

But I know that I am not done growing and I still want so much more out of life. I am up learning already. I want to be better. I will be better.

I want to grow in every area of my life.

I still have a lot of work.

I still don’t know it all.

It is ok to not know.

DO you ask yourself where you want to be in 5-10 years?

Are you setting yourself up with a life you love to live?

A life you can share with others so they see the goodness in a dark world?

Are you surrounding yourself with people who lift you up and want you to be more?

FOLLOW John Maxwells rule of 5: The Rule of 5 is simply a series of activities that you do EVERY DAY that are fundamental to your success. every day  read, every day file, every day  think, every day asks questions and every day write.


Can we do it? Let’s be more. Let’s grow together!


~Be the Light~


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We all Have the time….

We all say it and do it.  We are just so busy.

But who asked you to be this busy?

Were you forced or did your mind tell you that you had to be busy so you could let everyone know just how important your time is and that you just don’t have any?

This world has become so crazy with schedules and trying so hard to keep up that we forget we are in control of our calendars.

We are the ones choosing to run around and try and fit so much in and most of the time its wearing us down and we are so exhausted we forgot why we are doing what we were seeking to do.

This is where being intentional with our time and with our choices of what we pick is so important. I am speaking to mysef as well because I get caught up in over doing everything because I think thats what I am suppose to do.

And sometimes it is for a season but the greatest thing is realizing that we have a choice in what we put on our calendar and what we choose to do daily.

We all have time, it is just the lack of time management that we struggle with.

Today I am choosing to be intentional with my time.  I am reading,thinking, writing, asking questions, filing everyday. I am choosing how my time will be spent. I will have control over the day instead of the day having control over me.

Recap your day and see if you were able to do what you set out to do or if it ended up taking control over you. You can do it with your calendar and start reflecting and start choosing.

Do you know why you are doing what you would like to do with your life?


~Be the Light~


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Growing in all areas


If you have ever or even if you have never heard of John Maxwell or done any of his trainings, you should definitely check him out.

I am wanting to grow in all areas in my life and he has so many good books and seminars. It can really help in the directions you want to grow in.

Here is to how far We can all grow!

The question I ask today is How do I get to where I want to go?


~Be the Light~


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All consuming Fear inside of me


Why is fear so hard to overcome?

Here I am sitting in the stillness listening to my mind telling me all the things that I want to do but don’t feel like its worth doing or that I am worth doing it.

Everything I want in life tells me that I am just a failure. Everything I want to work for is a lie. Everything I told myself is truth is not. My mind says Heather your fears are greater than your actions. All these words mean nothing because you are letting yourself be held back. By your own self.

And so I say STOP…. Fear be Gone

You will choose the life of your dreams and you will not wait any longer. It is time to soar….



~Be the Light~


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Do you want a home based business?

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Do you want to travel?

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~Be the Light~


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Both work and play are important

I believe in hard work. But I also believe in play. I believe in grasping those precious moments of time where everything stands still and you think man I love my life. This life is worth choosing.

Having the best of both worlds is what we need. It’s what we crave. It’s what keeps us going. But sadly many of us don’t do it. Either we feel guilty because the world makes us believe we should be busy 24/7 and you are lazy if you stop or we just forget to stop and smell the roses. Even God took a time to rest after all of His work. It’s important and we were made for it.

I believe its important to take time off from your everyday work. If we keep going and going and never rest we can’t really enjoy all that our life gives us. We burn out. We get sad or depressed or stressed and sometimes we just get in a funk and can’t figure out why. We lose a lot of precious life because we say no not right now to our time or rest.

I was raised in hard work. Work always was before play. Saturday morning my dad would come upstairs and blow his trumpet in our face to wake us up for our Saturday morning breakfast and then it was time to work. Even when we had friends over we had to work. My friends didn’t always like that, usually they would say “oh I think my mom is calling. Got to go.”

Our pay was our favorite candy, a drink and a lot of life lessons I didn’t know I was learning until I grew up. We would of course grumble and get off to the day. He would have us move one pile of wood to another pile and we never knew why he would have us move piles when the pile it was in, seemed just fine. But now as I am older and I am raising my kids I realized it wasn’t really for any reason except he was teaching us responsibility and that hard work was important to get where we wanted to go in life. And he was teaching us to keep going so bad choices didn’t happen. Hard work is good.

We didn’t have a lot of money growing up but my parents always tried to do something fun for us every so often. Be it a camping trip or a visit to another state to visit family but we always had a fun adventure planned. We even went to Disneyland as kids. And with this lesson we learned that after all that good Hard work, that Play is good.

As a parent now and grown up I look back at things I learned as a child and I realize I am thankful for many of those lessons. Even if I didn’t always like it I am glad I learned that in life we need both hard work and we need play.

We are choosing our life to take a family vacation and explore. Lets choose to enjoy life more often! Let’s choose to take some time for rest for reward after your hard work. Work hard and play hard too!

Here’s an article about us not giving time to take a break. We own a business and find it important to get away from it all. Business can take over your life and mind if you let it and its very important to step away from all the work and regroup and rest and let your mind become creative again. We need to stop and learn to grasp each moment. We all get a choice to find the time. It is there we just need to do it.


#choosethismoment #choosetoday

~Be the light for all to See~


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Hawaii has my heart: Maui -Our Vacation 2016

We recently did our vacation to another Hawaiian Island. We went to Maui. Just like Oahu, I am in love. Of course this place had a whole different feel than Oahu does but I loved it every bit as much.

We did a 10 day trip which was 8 days actually on vacation and 2 days of traveling which ended up being perfect. After about day 7 of cleaning up all the sand from 3 kids, I was tired of it. But we still enjoyed every moment. I do miss being able to walk in the early mornings and evenings and the warm wind blowing on my skin. Eating dinner out on the Lanai was amazing as well.

We stayed in the Lahaina area which we absolutely loved. It was very quaint and still had all the necessities.

We had a 2 bedroom condo, it was clean and quiet and the full kitchen/washer and dryer were a great amenity. In our condo area it had its own private beach area on Kaanapali beach which was a gorgeous, relaxing beach. We went to the resort side one day to see black rock I much preferred the quiet side. The resort side was very busy but black rock was great for snorkeling. My youngest loved all the fish and it was calm water for her to swim.

We decided that boogey boarding was our thing while we were there. Kaanapali did not have very many waves  so we would go to D.T Fleming beach for the waves. Which is another great beach. Paia bay had some huge waves which was great for the boys but not so much for me and my daughter. It was pretty rough, but we still had a ton of fun.

On our trip we did the road to Hana. There are a ton of great articles online on all the neat places to stop along the way. We did quite a few and it took up a lot of our day so we did not make it all the way which I was bummed but we did not want to drive back in the dark. The road was a little scary but lots of beauty. One thing we all really enjoyed was walking the Garden of Eden.

We even stopped at a couple waterfalls and the kids jumped in and took a swim. There are a lot of mosquitos and they are tiny and bite a lot, so I recommend bug spray. I got eaten alive which I was a little nervous to get dengue fever from all the media hype about it but thankfully I am ok.

Also of course at the halfway to Hana watch for the rainbow sign and Do eat the banana bread. Very delicious.


After a few days of intense sun we decided to do the Maui Ocean Center. I had a discount with my travel club so we purchased tickets. It was a great half day to stay out of so much sun so we could do the beach in the afternoon when the sun wasn’t so hot. It is a smaller aquarium but lots to see. My daughter loved the talking like a whale. It was great to learn about all the fish in the sea so when we went on our our snorkeling tour we knew all the names.


Our last day we did a molikini snorkel tour which was AMAZING! The water was crystal blue! I highly recommend doing a tour. They are fun for the kids and us adults love them too. We did molikini and then went to turtle town USA and saw so many green turtles. Such cool scenery. Then on our way back we had a pod of whales breaching and mating right by the boat. Such an amazing life experience. Its hard to know how amazing nature really is until you see it up close and personal. That of course was everyone’s most favorite day.


There are some other cool things  you can do from Maui and take a day trip on a ferry to see the island of Molokai and Lanai. We did not have enough time to do that but I do want to try next time. I would love to see each island.

Other than those few things, we did a lot of swimming and relaxing, Eating fresh fruit and enjoying the Hawaiian culture.

If you have never been, do go, there are so many cool experiences in Hawaii. ~ Next time we are going to try Kona. And I can’t wait to see what that island is all about.

I am getting my travel wings on~


#choosethismoment #choosetoday


~Be the light for all to See~