Do it Now

How powerful it is to write down your dreams. I have been looking back at some past notes and a dream list I made up almost 3 years ago. It is amazing the dreams I wrote down and how many have been crossed off but also so many I still want to still pursue and so many that need to be completed.

Wow, I have gotten off track this past year. It kind of just sneaks up on you. I had these lists of dreams and goals and plans and then I started to let old habits sneak in and focused on everything else then what I was wanting to do with my life. I would get to where I realized it, start again and then get sidetracked and start again, and go right back to the old habits.This bad cycle of the same old, same old that I have a hard time breaking.

Like John Maxwell said, “We all have uphill hopes and dreams and we all have downhill habits. Everything worthwhile is uphill, its simple but not easy”

Just getting back from a leadership conference last month I have really been thinking and realizing how bad I have let things go. It is much easier to focus on everyone else and their dreams, goals and focusing on everyday life because well simply I am scared. I am scared to death of failing, of letting people down, of not being capable, of not being worth it, of not living up to what people think I am,  of not living up to what I think I am, of worrying about others peoples opinions and so many other mind games that are played inside me.  But you see others peoples opinions don’t buy the life that I want.

It puts me on easy street to not grow and become and go after what my heart is calling me to do. It is simple to not do it. I make good excuses. I hold me back. I let Fear have control. But you see Fear is temporary and Regret is forever. You can’t have fear and faith at the same time.

It is time to be intentional. To grow more. To seek out those scary dreams. To fight the lies my mind tells me. To fight every downhill habit and I know that I will be going uphill. The only difference between a rut and a grave is the length. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and I want more.

And all it takes is saying Just do It. The motivation comes after you get there. After you create the habits and you keep going, never quitting. Never ever letting the lies seem like they are truth. Here is to my saying “DO it now” 50 times every morning and 50 times every night. I will ” Do It Now”


Will you? Are you ready to choose this moment? Are you ready to live the life you are scared of, the one your heart keeps telling you that you want?



~Be the Light~



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