This one life, Are you choosing to live it?


We worry about so much. About silly things, about big things. About everything in between. We only survive always, always wishing for more but doing nothing about it.

Why don’t we do anything?

Why is it so easy to skip back into the same old stuff we try so hard to throw off and want so badly to change?

I don’t want to be average. I want to be more. The stuff of yesterday I want to throw off.

I want to be different, don’t you?

I want to live this one life out loud, extremely with all the love, all the joy, all the sadness , all of the everything.  I want to live it the best I can. That’s the purpose. We were put here. God gave us all this and we try so hard to destroy it. To make it ugly, to focus on the bad and to not  see the good. Sometimes it doesn’t seem good but it is. There’s shining lights breaking out of the darkness. That’s what I want. I want everyone to see it. To seek it. To strive for more!!!

Live the life that your soul so longs for. The life where you love so deeply it hurts. The life where you laugh so hard it hurts. The life where you cry so hard it hurts. Where emotions are real and raw. The life where you stop being offended and you open your mind and see truth and you see purpose and you see what God really intended for you. Seek that life.

He wants us to breathe it in. To strive for it. To live with purpose.  We were made for more.

Be a shining light. Choose to live your one life bigger than all your dreams. You are worth this one life!


~Be the light~



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