Can you choose the moments?

I started this blog as a light to me and to hopefully others, to remember to wake up everyday and be thankful. To be thankful in all the big things and in all the small things. To learn to love life right where we are at. To remember that sometimes the things that seem so big are really so small and sometimes they are really as big as you think. To realize that I am worth my dreams and so is everyone else. To realize that sometimes we can’t always have it all together and that is ok too. I started this blog to remind myself that self growth is important and to invest in yourself. I started this as a healing to my soul because I felt broken inside and writing helped me process my emotions onto something other than being jumbled around my brain. So with that these are all the reasons why I say to Choose this moment. Can you choose this moment?

Choose this moment to…

Love yourself

love others

love God


invest in yourself

set huge goals


exercise-make it fun

be kind

be healthy but not so strict that you hate it. it should not be a chore.

eat some dessert if you want to. sometimes ice cream makes things better”)


love life

love yourself

love your kids

love your spouse

appreciate the little things

take a picture or take all the pictures

jump in the air

laugh at the silly things

not to get offended about everything


enjoy the quiet moments

enjoy the loud moments

look at the world around you and find out how you can be a change

think before the words come out

be the change

be more

be emotional

be joyful

be sad

be angry

be gentle

be present

be a present

Be a light

just be ok sometimes

Question everything and seek out the truth in your heart

Know the truth because you found it out instead of because someone just told you

Keep an open mind to new things and new ideas

Have adventures

choose today

love as deeply as possible even when it hurts

be yourself

 know you have the power to Choose every single day

know you are worthy

know God loves you no matter what

know that flaws are ok

 live in Today’s presence

Do the impossible





Be Free

Have Faith

be Courageous

 be EXTRAordinary

 be Encouraging

Have Grace

 be Merciful

be Thoughtful

be Caring

Keep your love on

Love on Purpose

Walk with Jesus

love you for you

 Give to others

be the best parent you can be in that moment and know you are not a super parent and that is ok

get up even when we don’t want to

 stand up for what we believe

do what we are called to do

not always try to please everyone because you can’t

know we are allowed to say No

set boundaries

have a positive mindset

make time for me

always learn new things

 make a Difference

 love at your darkest

Choose this moment can mean so many things to anyone but these are many of the reasons Choose this moment means so much to me. And its a reminder to my heart that its all going to be alright. I am ok somedays and other days I am more than ok!!


~Be the Light~



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