It’s that time of year


We get so excited for this time of year. The snow is melting, the pond and creek are thawing out making chunks of ice available for the kids to jump on and the sun is shining in all it’s warm, beautiful glory. The mornings are early and the evenings are long.

Living in Alaska, these are the times that make it worth it. We suffer through long dark winters for this.

Thinking of these seasons, reminds me of seasons of life. These last few months our family went through a season. It was one of some sad times, scary times and darkness. We were walking through an unknown. But now we are coming out on the end of it and the sun is shining again. I can feel the darkness running away because it has no power. It may try for a season but it’s not allowed to linger too long.

Something we have realized through the ups and downs of life is that it a season. Sometimes they last longer than we want but they never last forever unless we let them.

I say this, don’t ever let that dark season have power over you. You are worth it and coming out to the light is what was meant for us. Goodness is meant for us. Loving the life we are given and finding the meaning from all the little moments, loving and human connection, that is what’s it’s all about. Dreaming and setting goals. Laughing. Crying. All these emotions that make us up as human beings. This is what it is all about. So even if you are in your dark season right now I pray you stay strong. Seek human connection. Seek out prayer. Seek faith. And the good  will win!


~Be the light for all to see~



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