Sometimes the season you are in seems to last forever

So much information is consuming my mind. So many things going on in our life right now. I can not seem to keep up.

Deep thoughts are overwhelming me. The parts of life that are hard and that try to knock us down are trying to take over. The everyday things of Life are trying to take over. The negativity of it wants to consume me.

I will NOT let it.


I am an emotional and empathetic person.   I feels others pain as if it was my own. I fight the urge to ever feel like I don’t deserve goodness because someone else is suffering. I want good. I seek good in all things. I can’t feel like this life is worth nothing because everything in me does not believe that but lately it feels like a constant battle to stay positive.This life is worth so much more than we realize!

Trying to stay positive and not let the negativity take over.

Many others have it so much worse. But when you juggle everything and have all these balls up in the air and life isn’t going how you want it, it sure feels like that one wrong move and they all will come tumbling down. It sure can seem bleak in your own life. My things seem like they are huge but in reality they are not.

When going through times of suffering, I am always trying to find the good and the beauty out of those situations. Things are changing at a rapid pace. I am not where I want to be. I want to grow and be more and I feel stuck right now but I know with all of this it will get better. It is just a season, even though its just a season it is a long one but only for now.



~Be the Light~



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