Losing something that held a special place in our hearts

IMG_0297.PNGIt’s been almost a month now. I have been planning to write about it but it’s hard. It was a very traumatic time for the family even more so for my son. It was one of those days that we wish we could change the events but everything we did can’t be turned back.

It’s all sort of a blur, one second our beloved puppy of one year was with us and the next she was gone.

My son witnessed something that I wish he never had to but he learned the hard lesson of the life of love and of loss.  And he learned the  deep pain of loss in his heart we get when we let love in. It is good to love in so many ways but it’s hard when we lose that loved one that completed our family. Silly as it seems to some, especially to me because I originally never wanted to get a dog but a piece of our hearts left when we lost pearl. She had made a special place in hearts and in our home.

That day started out horribly as my daughter and I went into the garage to our car,  to head to her ice skating lessons. The water was pouring out of the ceiling, flooding the apt and garage floor.  We have had a cold winter here and it started to warm up and the pipes had decided to thaw out. It was quite the mess to clean up. And the day didn’t get any better from there.

Later in the afternoon we got home and I started work and the kids started their school lessons. My oldest who is working full time now came home for lunch. He was headed back to work and my daughter was doing her chores after lunch. She headed out with the garbage but our dog slipped out the door with her. She ran so fast after my son. My daughter couldn’t stop her. She came running in the house crying she couldn’t stop pearl. By then it was too late.

We live on a quiet cul de sac but as soon as you get off our street it turns out to a very busy main road.  She followed my son onto the busy street and he didn’t see her until it was too late, the bus had hit her from the behind and with a short breath and a whimper she was gone. My son lost his best friend that day. As he called me and all I could hear was sobbing in the phone I ran as fast as I could to get to the end of the road. It was a whole out of body experience. My son laying on his bloody dead dog sobbing and I could do nothing to stop the pain. I was so thankful for the people who stopped to help him cover her up before I made it down the street.  There are still good, kind people in the world  and it’s moments like this where we see that. These kind people helped us as we were in pain and I am so thankful for that.

It all happened so fast and in a blink our precious puppy was gone. We had only had her for a year but she was special and she loved us and she loved my son and he loved her. Nothing will ever take that away.

It made us realize together we are so thankful for each other. And life is so short, you never know what could happen. I was so thankful all of my kids were ok and not hurt except for their hearts. I let my kids grieve over their pet and I grieved over the pain with my kids and we all cried. It was ok to be sad that we lost a dog. We lost a piece of our family.

Lessons I knew but learned again are to love so deep it hurts when it’s gone. Don’t build walls around your heart and not let anything in. This one life, it is precious and people and pets make it even more so. Let them in. Don’t build walls. And also to know that it’s ok to grieve even when it’s a pet.


~Be the Light~