Follow dreams

I dream of everyone finding their purpose and passion. But only you can make the change and only you know what is on your heart. You keep feeling/hearing that small voice or a little nudge and you aren’t sure exactly what it is but it’s sitting there in the back of your mind and you can’t seem to push it away! Our dreams that are put on our hearts and we haven’t found them yet or maybe life keeps going in the same direction and we want to change but get lost in the day to day routines and we push those thoughts aside of what if there is more. There is something we always wanted to do but it just doesn’t seem possible or maybe we worry its stupid. It’s not.I believe God puts things on our hearts for a reason. We were put on this earth to Be more! To shine light into the darkness.

I love to read and I follow some awesome inspiring leaders/ business owners. Here are a few to get you started. Look them up and their Facebook pages, many have written awesome books: You are worth it to start dreaming again 💕Kris Vallaton, Dani Johnson, Sandi Krawkoski, Jon Acuff, Danny Silk, Andy Mason, Dream journey, John Maxwell, Dr Henry Cloud, Christy Wright. I will add more again soon.

~Be the Light~



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