Spontaneous choices

When you decided to say yes to a last minute invite and you are so thankful you did. These are the things I am talking about. Choosing moments!

My husband left to go to hawaii to start a job we are doing there with our company. I was staying behind. I love to travel but I was ok with it because I had just been on a trip so I knew I didn’t really need to go, though Hawaii has my heart and did I say I love to travel?!!  The other reason I was ok with not going is because I thought it might be good to have a break from each other. With the stress of life and business and kids etc sometimes we need to be a part. And we were feeling it. I was having a sigh of relief for a little break as well was he.

Just in case I hadn’t mentioned this we aren’t perfect. And  marriage is hard and business is hard and life is hard. It’s not all perfect. It sometimes is downright dirty and messy. Sometimes giving up seems so much easier but if we don’t put in the hard work,  we don’t get to reap the rewards. And those rewards are what makes all the good things out of life. Even the small ones.

So I said goodbye and enjoyed a quiet evening as my kids stayed with their cousins and my hubby was gone.

Then the next morning as I was planning my day he called me and asked me to come to be with him. I was a little nervous because I had to get the kids settled and had all  these things I needed to do but I got the ticket and reorganized my days for the next week and the following day I was on a plane to Hawaii.

Sometimes spontaneous choices are the best. The little moments you say yes to. When you choose this moment to make a decision and it is good! Life is good. If we just look and we see.

We are enjoying ourselves, getting some business taken care as well as enjoying each other. Getting in some hard talks that need to be done and spending time together which isnt always easy when we are so busy with life in our regular environment. Getting out of our environment is so important. Getting alone time with your spouse and talking hard conversations is important. It is easy to not deal with it but it’s better when you do.

I much prefer to not do them but i know when they need to be done. We both feel it. It’s a quiet weight that is on our shoulders and its a negative energy in the air. If we don’t recognize it and take care of it, it can turn sour. So it is good. I like things to be planned but I love spontaneity too and I am so glad that I came. I am so glad I made this decision.

When was the last time you decided to make a last minute choice and you are so glad you did?


~Be the Light~



If you would love to travel more and love to save money  or you would love to travel as well as  earn extra money I might be able to help. Would it be ok if you were able to do all these things? please message me


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