If I am just one thing


If I am just one thing I hope its a light.

It will not be  that I think I am better than anyone else or that my life is better than anyone elses. No I do not want to ever be thought of that way.

I am a human.

I am a broken, beautiful chaotic mess.

I have good days, great days and some pretty horrible ones.

Sometimes I am excited about what the day has in store and others not so much. Somedays I cry. Somedays I laugh. Somedays I love being a mother others not so much. Somedays I love being married, and others not so much.

The human emotions are real, right there everyday in all the moments that make up this life. But every day I choose. I make a choice to live that day in all its pain or in all its glory.

And each day I grow to be stronger and to love the rollercoaster ride it brings me.

But I hope that by being real,by sharing me, that you will strive to love life! That you will find the light. And that you can accept that its ok to not be ok sometimes. And that its ok to be real, to be you. To be who God made you to be.

And That you will realize some days are bad but so many are so good.

That you will find the beauty in the dark. That you will seek to be better everyday even when we are human and we are broken and life doesnt always turn out how we had thought it would.

I hope that I can bring a smile and that I will be remembered by my smile. Life is lived better when we see all the little bits of goodness inside the small moments. The little moments we take for granted.

If that is all I am than I will be  happy and I will have fulfilled my purpose. I strive to be a light!

And each day I renew that vow to choose to be better and to grow more and to keep learning how to be better. How to exceed lifes expectations. How to find joy and how to be joy.


~Be the Light~




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