How can we be the best version of ourself?


We are always a decision away from either the path we choose or how we react in a moment of our life that happens to us!

Will you choose the best version of you?

We might not always be able to or even know how to start especially if the moments in our life seem dim but what we can do is acknowledge that we strive to make better decisions. We want to enjoy the little moments that are happening all around us. And to be intentional about being present for these moments! Sometimes they are moments that just happen every minute of everyday but if we don’t decide to show up to our day we might miss them. And when we find them that dim light begins to brighten and we find the goodness in life!

It could be holding that door for a stranger with their arms full. Or a quick smile that a person gives you and you smile back. Buying the person in line behind you their cup of coffee. Giving when you know someone is in need. Sending out cards or little notes to ones we are thinking of. Saying thank you.

Sometimes we are so focused rushing through the day, we miss it. We miss the special little moments that could change someone for the better. That could change us for the better.

Be better! Choose today. Choose this moment! Be present! Be a gift! Be a light! Be More….. It can be one of the hardest things but also one of the most rewarding! 

Here is to everyone enjoying a little bit more of life and finding the good. You are always one decision away….

~Be the Light~





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