Not like I used to be….

img_8527I remember a time where I would only dream of going somewhere alone with the hubby or taking a family vacation. It seemed unreal and out of reach. We could barely afford groceries and all our bills let alone go somewhere fun.

Life was a routine of debt up to our eyeballs and the never ending chores and work. It was all but a life of celebrating for us. Why did it have to be so hard? We could never seem to catch up.

To be able to afford a trip we would find clever ways to go. It would end up being mostly the kids and I because the hubby had to stay back to work and I would have to go on a trip as cheap as possible so we wouldn’t go into more debt.  My mom worked for the airlines so we would jump on flights with her and use the buddy passes and sometimes wait in the airport for hours trying to get on a flight just so we could have a cheap trip somewhere. Most trips were going to see family because we had a free place to stay and we would cram two weeks trying to  fit  everyone in that we hadn’t seen in the last  few years and we would be at everyone elses beckon call. It was really not much of a vacation at all but I took what I could get.

I really wanted to travel but my dreams of that seemed so far to reach.

Then we made some huge decisions. We knew to have the life  we were dreaming of, changes had to be made. The same old thing we had been doing just wasn’t working. We were unhappy in so many areas and the prayer we had prayed was finally being answered.  We were invited to a financial class and there the hubby and I decided we would get out of debt. We made  some large sacrifices. Along the way things happened that tried to make it hard for us to follow through but we did it. We kept on trucking through the muck. We started to save money and life started to get a little easier. We sold our house and things we didn’t need and downsized for a few years.We were finally getting to a point of financial peace.

But I still had the dream of wanting to travel and it seemed so out of reach. Raising a family is expensive and traveling with a large family is costly.

We then made a decision to start our own business and that changed our world immensely. Starting a business was one of my husbands big dreams and we felt we were at a point we could do it. Things were rough at first but we had gone through so many life lessons that had toughened us up that we knew we could get through anything.  Everything you could think of was thrown at us to make it as difficult as possible to want to keep going but we did.  Fast forward almost 6 years and business is good but it consumes a large part of our life and we need to get away from the stress of it all.

And still my dreams of traveling were sitting in the back seat.

But eventually the time came that we decided we would go on a real family trip somewhere fun. We were were ready for a nice break and we wanted to enjoy our family before they were all grown up. We had saved up and took a fancy trip to Disney world.  It was a trip of a lifetime. We knew it was not one we could ever do again because it was such a luxury.

The following year we wanted to do another fun trip but didnt have quite the extravagant trip planned or money saved so budget trip it was. I like to find sales so I shopped and shopped but that doesn’t always work out because cheap isnt always the cleanest or nicest but we made do. We had fun but it still was not quite right. I was happy though that we were starting to create memories before the kids left home.

Then I was shown a new way to vacation.  The deals and prices were amazing. I could actually start affording to take my family of 5 to nice hotels and have the fun luxury vacations we were wanting. I am able to save money in all areas of traveling from cars to entertainment.  I also learned a way  that I could run it as another business and earn free travel. We already owned a business but I wanted a more freedom online style business than what we were doing and this one was perfect. So I jumped in!

In the last year I have traveled more than I could have ever imagined without breaking the bank. I have ways to earn money to travel and I am fulfilling my dreams. It is a dream come true.

I am so excited we have been able to take our kids more places than I thought. Our family is living life to the fullest. I have been able to go on trips with my hubby and cherish the time we need with each other. We already have several trips planned for the new year. I couldn’t have asked for anything more awesome for us. I never want to be like I used to be unhappy with no zest for  life. I am so thankful for this life we are creating and choosing to live!

And theres always room for more….



~Be the Light~





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