I cried my eyes out

Have you ever had one of those days?

The tears just flow. You don’t really know why but you have been holding something in and then BOOM it hits you and the tears coming flowing out.

That happened to me. I am a pretty emotional person anyway and feel such deep empathy in so many ways that sometimes I feel like I am going through another’s pain right there with them. You could say I wear my heart on my sleeve. I hurt hard but I love even harder!

SO the other day it hit me. There has been something we have been dealing with in our extended family and I looked at a picture that reminded me of the situation and I just broke down. I cried and cried.

One of those ugly cries.

I cried my eyes out. It felt good. I got it all out there.

And then it was over. And I wiped my eyes and washed my face and looked in the mirror. I told myself I am not that problem. It has no control over me even though I feel the sadness from it, It will not tell me who I am.

And that was it.

I smiled and went on with the rest of my evening.

Now I won’t say that I am not hurt by the situation but I know that I get to choose how I react in that environment. I allowed myself to have the break down and then it was time to pick up the pieces.

I feel better that I can do both. I can cry and I can smile. I can know that I am ok. I am human.

And I can accept the fact that I feel so deep. I use to think it was a weakness but now I know its one of my greatest strengths!!

Have you realized something about yourself that makes you smile and you can be grateful for?

Are you ready to love YOU for the person you were made to be?

God made you special just the way you are



~Be the Light~






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