5 ways to change our mindset

The question I ask is how do I be a light to others and I ask myself daily, how do I do that and how do I show people that life is worth living? It is a goal of mine to be  a better person and to show this through my actions.

This life is worth it and we can see the light of day and the goodness that surrounds us.

But how do we open our minds and see things in a new light, especially when sometimes it feels like our world may be falling apart?

I have struggled with depression and of course there are times that I still do fight it.  I have found ways to fight it faster when I feel that sense coming on and I am able to break the cycle  a lot faster than I use to. I have found ways to see things in a positive way and to love my life so much more than I ever thought was possible. I can honestly say I look at my family and my responsibilities so differently now and I can shout from the rooftops the joy I feel inside knowing that I have peace, happiness  and Freedom again. My faith is a huge part of this change that I went through but there are also things that I choose daily to help me through the process to being a happier person that loves life.

Now there are cases of course where we need the intervention of  medication and that is ok, it does not mean you are weak. It means you are strong in realizing sometimes we can’t do it alone. And I do say don’t do it alone. Find someone you can confide in and find someone who can help bring you to a better version of you.

We can grow and start living a positive and better life. Lets find new ways to break our old mind set and see it open to new possibilities and freedom. These are 5 things we can do to help us become a more positive, happier version of us.

1. Read/Listen to something that is of value to you.

It could be the Bible, a motivational book,something you are passionate about. Listen to podcasts, audio cds, watch webinars on something you are wanting to grow in. Sometimes we might not realize what your passions are  quite yet but if you find something that you can’t stop listening to or can’t seem to put it down then its probably for you.

I personally love reading business books and books about staying healthy. But my passion is about a happy lifestyle change so I read books on entrepreneurship, leadership, boundaries, growing my mind,  and growing into a better, kinder version of me. I watch webinars on growing business and personal development. I listen to uplifting podcasts and things that help my mind grow and find people to surround myself with that are helping me reach my goals.

2.Set Goals. Think SMART.

Many of the motivational and business books and leadership programs teach about S.M.A.R.T. It is a great way to help us set small goals that are easy to reach. The shorter smaller goals are better for our minds to wrap around and get to and these help us stay positive instead of looking at the bigger picture which can sometimes seem too far out there for us and we give up to easily because it all seems too hard so why bother. I have been there believe me.

3. Change your words, Change your Life

How are you speaking to yourself? Do you say negative things daily and speak down to your self? We are our worst enemies. How we speak is a big way in how we perceive ourselves and others. There is power in the tongue. An example: Saying “I can’t afford that”, instead say “How can I afford that?”  Or  “I am so fat I will never lose weight! Instead say ” How can I burn this fat and how great I will feel after I eat this healthy food? ”

Dani Johnson has a great blog about the power of our words:

4. Find positive mentors

Who you surround yourself with is who you become. This is simple but hard also because sometimes we have people in our life that we love but we might need to distance ourselves for the fact that we are not uplifted when we hang around them. Find positive mentors who can help you achieve your goals and get you to the path you are seeking in life.

5. Fix your wheel

We all have a wheel of life and there are times where certain parts can get unbalanced and we get a flat.  There are times where I need to get away from the busy schedule of life. I have to create a STOP doing list. I have to sit in peace and quiet and I pray to quiet my mind and my thoughts and just BE. Sometimes its in my closet. Sometimes its locking my bedroom door and just laying on my bed. Its Journaling. Writing out my thoughts Making time for myself. Exercising, eating healthier.

With these steps we can create a freedom and fun filled life.  We can live in happiness. We can do whatever our hearts choose. If we just do it. Will you start the path to freedom? Will you do what you love? Will you love your life?


~Be the Light~



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