Somedays are a struggle

I am a mess. I lay here staring at the ceiling wondering if I should climb out of bed or not.

The morning is dark and cold. I can’t seem to find the motivation that will jump start my day.

Winter is daunting to my soul.

But everything I fight so hard for is right there calling my name but I can’t seem to grab it.

It is trying to slip through my fingers. It is there but then it is not.

I ask myself the hard questions-

Will you do what you plan to do?

Is today the day?

Are you just all talk?

You wont give up so easily will you?

Why are you not living your dream you so desperately want in your heart?

Why don’t you believe in yourself?

Why do you believe the lies?

They are lies!!!

Shut them out. Throw them down. They are not allowed.

I ask myself if everything I have been doing is really worth it. Is it?

Yes I believe it is. Today is another day to keep on fighting even when it gets hard. This is what grows us. This is what will make me stronger.

Do I really want it?

Yes and I will fight  to the day that it happens and beyond.


~Be the Light~



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