Are you choosing to live by design?!…

Have you thought about it?

The life you are designing for yourself?

Is it the one you dreamed of having all those years ago as a child?

Or maybe you are getting ready to design your life but have not quite decided where you want it to go. But have you thought about it?


Are you living by design or are you just living by default and doing nothing about those silent dreams inside you?

Are you just looking at everybody else thinking why do they have it all together and I don’t? I use to do that. I would wonder why my life couldn’t be where I wanted it to be. But you see I had to start choosing. I had to stop comparing and realize I was worth my dreams too. Every single day I had to choose. Every single day I have to choose. And I ask what do I have to give up so that I can have something better? I got tired of just wishing and I started doing.

There are days and even sometimes weeks where I don’t get it right but everyday I am doing something. I am taking steps to choose a better life. To do all those things  that I use to wish that I could do. I stopped just wishing and I started making goals and writing my dreams down and following people who I wanted to be like, reading books and learning how to grow in the direction I wanted. I started to seek and look at all the places I wanted to go.


Are you ready to live your life by design? You are worth your dreams.



~Be the Light~




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