Proclaim it & Name it

What is it that you want out of this life?

Have you asked  yourself those questions? The hard ones that your mind wants to ask but you might be scared to find the answer. The answer that you have wasted so much time not doing what you really want.

Are you happy just getting by doing the same thing over and over with no real results just waiting until your life is over and you can be done with it?

Or are seeking out how you can make a change and make more out of this life?

I believe we are all seeking more but most days we just let the day take over and we forget why we want to fight for this life.

This life is a beautiful gift.

Today is someday. You don’t have to waste any more time.

Choose today to be intentional. Start asking hard questions. Start being authentic. Start seeking out how you can improve yourself.

We all have a choice its just the question of how bad do you want it?

How thirsty are you for change?

If you could learn and grow more should you? Is it worth it?

I say yes it is. It is worth it a million times over and over. Proclaim what it is you want with your life and name it. There is power in naming it.

You have 2 choices- accept conditions how are they are or accept the change you can make to make it better. What will you choose to do?


~Be the Light~





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