2 of my big fears

2 of my biggest fears in creating relationships:

#1 No one will like me

#2 Making my heart vulnerable to feel hurt

After I processed these fears for awhile I realized a few things.

For the first fear,  it is not possible for everyone to like everyone and that is ok.  And I actually don’t want everyone to like me because then we would all just be the same and that is not how we were created.  We don’t want everyone to like us because if we did then it would mean we aren’t standing for our beliefs.

What I do really want is the right people to like me.

Now to the second biggest fear.  It is where I cause many issues with getting close to others. I let myself get just close enough and then I pull back to protect my heart from letting any one hurt me. If I put up a wall my heart can’t be broken. This is a problem because I can’t have a deep heart connection when I overprotect it. This in turn creates loneliness.

This is a broken way to live. It puts me in a war of my mind. The mind telling me all the lies and me believing them to be truth.

Everyone has a mind of their own. They should think their own way and they won’t always agree with you. That doesn’t mean they don’t like you necessarily.

We were created to have Free will, Free opinions, Free thoughts and a heart to love. And that can be scary but it is better to feel and be free in all areas then to not have a heart connection.

God gave us a voice and a purpose. We are alive for a reason!  With that, you will have broken hearts  sometimes and you will have people not like you sometimes and it will be alright even if that happens.

Do Share even when its scary and do  let your heart feel. Do tear down the walls you build. I am working on it with you!


~Be the Light~



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