My plate may be too full….

For some reason I do it all to myself.

The Fall season rolls around and I think we might get bored so lets add a bunch of things to  do. I know better. I usually kick myself every time I have done it but I did it again.  I have committed ourselves to do too many things and I am starting to feel the effects of it.

Over the last few years I have been working on over scheduling and have done a good job of figuring out what schedule works for us and not adding too much but for some reason I didn’t calculate so well this time. I do not do well when we have too much on our plate. And when I don’t do well we all don’t do well.

One of the things I am a big advocate for is time freedom and that is why I am working toward our goals of this lifestyle we have chosen.

I have decided to home school all 3 kids this year. I have home schooled 2 kids for the last 4 years and it is actually my first year to do all 3 kids. I have one 5th grader, one 9th grader and then my senior who will be done with school in December.

One of the reasons we love home schooling is the flexibility it gives us. Since we own businesses and I do the majority of my work from home it has been working great. I did have my daughter in the public school because it worked best for us the last few years but we decided to change it up this year.

There are some days I second guess myself and I’m not sure how I am going to juggle it all. But for the most part, I am doing it. On those days that I question it  and  I feel like I might pull all my hair out and I am afraid that I am going to fail, at least I know that I tried.

I am staying organized and making my day planned but I know at anytime I can lose one of these balls I am juggling and it will all come tumbling down so it is taking lots of prayers and lots of organization.

I am counting down this semester and know that next semester we are not going to fill it up so full. We all do not need to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off and it puts things that I am striving for on the back burner so all I have to say is lesson learned. This is but a season. It helps me to stay organized to allow for the days when I need some down time and know that this too shall pass…



~Be the Light~






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