Take as many Pictures as possible


I love photography. I love moments.

Each photo I look at, I can recall the memory of that moment. I can look at the moment and remember what we were doing and  the feelings of what I was thinking at that time come rushing back.

Pictures are powerful.

Pictures are worth a 1000 words.

There is something special about that.

Recently, I have seen some opinions that we should stop taking so many pictures of everything. They say if we stop taking pictures we will enjoy the moment more.  But I will have to disagree.


That is WHY we take the pictures. It is to remember those moments. The photos are how we remember those moments. Those vacations. Those moments of life.

To look back and remember that special feeling, that special event.

My kids and I will go through old pictures and we can laugh and think ” Oh I remember that.” It is one our favorite things to do.

Those memories that we want to cherish are why we get family photos, wedding photos, senior pictures and baby photos done. Because we want to be able to look back at those moments. Those special times that make us happy, sad and everything in between.

I SAY take as many pictures as possible. Take them at every moment you can. Save them. Share them. Fill your phone, your computer, your albums, your closets full of all those wonderful memories to cherish forever.  Do with them what you want. But do TAKE them.



~Be the Light~





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