The thing you would never Choose somehow Chooses you

We don’t always get to choose the things that happen to us but we do get to choose how we react to it. When Hunter was diagnosed with Type 1, I remember the darkness coming into my soul and consuming my life. I was empty and alone inside and the strength of being a mother, the fear of not being able to do it, wishing I could change things that I had no control over, took over me. The anger and sadness wanted my heart. Being a family in pain and the fear was so unbearable at times I wasn’t sure I could go on. Until one day I had to listen to the still small voice say “Choose Today. Choose this moment to live” Things happen. It is life. Sometimes sad and scary things. But will we let it change us or will we become better from the brokenness? This September is 5 years now since Hunters world changed. There are days I still get sad and the fear comes knocking at my door. There are days he gets knocked down. But we don’t let it keep us down for long. Funny thing is I just remembered that as I was reading this blog, I use to write his D date on the calendar so I could be reminded that life is sad but now I don’t. I dont have to remind me anymore. We live it. It is always there. I know life gets sad sometimes. And I know there are people who have worse things going on then we do.

But what I also know is that life is amazing and wonderful and it is so worth living. Each moment is a gift. And that is how I choose to live this life. I find the good in it. I find the joy in it. why? Because that still small voice that saved me from my darkness said Heather Choose Today you are worth it! I live each moment and cherish them. I will be a shining light in someone elses darkness. The voice that says keep going, its hard and its scary but you can do it. Knowing this is truth- The thing we never wanted is the thing we needed most. #choosethismoment





~Be the Light~



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