Less words more action


“What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

We do it, I do it. We search for our life purpose. Why am I here? Is what I am doing what I should be doing?

There comes a point in life of burn out. Of complete shut down and we complain, whine, think negative,  and wish that things could change.  We get stuck not knowing where to start and we spin in circles because we can’t gain traction to do what we really want.  Then it begins the complaints, the negativity,  the whining that life is not fair and why can’t things change.It gets so far to where we think we want to do something but we don’t really because we are comfortable staying right where we are being comfortably Numb. Being comfortably miserable. It’s easier this way. Or it could be that maybe it’s too scary to be different, knowing that someone might not agree with us so we decide it’s too difficult and we just stay the same. The work to get to point A to point B seems too far to reach. Is it really worth it?

But then the small flicker of hope creeps in our mind as we start asking questions and the journey to start seeking change  comes to us. We decide we will read a good book, read some good quotes, find something we want to do that is different, have an idea, or listen to something motivational and get pumped up and ready to go.  Then it happens, we try to share our thoughts of our big change to a friend  or loved one and they talk us out of it, or we hit the wall, the distractions come in and life as we know keeps going on. You see that friend that talked you out of it, they don’t want you to change because then they won’t have someone to be miserable with or they are scared to see you change. Change is scary. And we tell ourselves that if our friends  and  loved ones don’t like it then it must not be right.

The questions you have to ask yourself are “Are you tired of being tired and are you done living the same life day in and day out? Are you ready to make a difference? Are you ready to change? Are you ready to live your purpose? Will you stop  saying all the right words but actually put in the action?”

It takes hard work. It takes motivation. It takes not always having the people who you thought were the closest to you be there anymore and it takes you being ok with that. It takes being different from everyone and knowing that it is ok.

It takes less words and more action.



~Be the Light~



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