Comparison is the thief of Joy

imageWho use to compare their life to some one who seemed to have it better and more put together than you?

I did. It killed me inside because I could not figure out why I felt so miserable while everyone else’s life seemed so perfect. But you see thats all a lie. No one has it put together and if they tell you they do they are probably not being truthful.

The ones who do have it mostly together are the people who have  a positive attitude. They are finding the goodness inside the bad and they seek that joy, that positive all around them. They are living life for that, for the sparkly bits of good moments. They know that there are bad things that happen but we choose differently in how we respond to that bad or tough time. These are the times we can choose to grow. We can choose to become better. We can choose to Be more!

No one day is perfect. No one part of life is perfect. No family is perfect. Perfect is a mirage. But you can make your life joy filled. Full of laughter and life. Full of moments that bring light to you, your family and to others.

Stop comparing yourself to your pereception of someone elses life and choose to live yours how you are wanting it. Stop saying words that bring you down. Words speak life or death over you.  Speak words of kindness and truth and life over your life and your families life.

My life is not all cupcakes and kool aid, honestly last week I had a rough few days. Everything seemed to not be going my way and I could feel frustration and the negative thoughts rolling in of why do bad things always happen to me but you see I have learned that those words speak death over me. When I focus on all that bad instead of all the hundreds of good things my life looks bleak and miserable compared to everyone elses.

I let myself pout for a bit and then I picked myself back up and said to myself, choose today to change your perspective, find the good in this week. When I do this I learn how to see it. To see the beauty that is all around. The dark cloudy film is lifted over my eyes and everything shines.

Our minds are some of the biggest liars. The words we speak to ourself are not always very nice. To get where I am now, I had to have my words change. I had to stop comparing. I had to start choosing good people who I wanted to be like and surrounded myself with others who wanted to go in the direction I was seeking. Every area had to change if I wanted something better to live for. And you see its not alwasy going to workout but as long as you seek this positive direction, I promise it will be so much better than you could ever imagine.

You can surround yourself with negativity and be filled with that or you can surround yourself with positive and be filled with that.

The greatest moment was when I realized I get to choose and I choose happiness and joy. I choose light over the darkness. I choose to live the life I have dreamed of.

#choosetoday #choosethismoment

~Be the Light~




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