Another year older… Another year wiser?


It happened again. Another birthday… another year older but am I any wiser this year?

Each year we are given 31,536,000 seconds and each one of those we use for good or bad or nothing at all. Think about it, on each given day that we wake up how are we choosing to live? Are we living to our standards? Have we met our goals we wanted to achieve? Yes life throws us curve balls. Yes there are bad things that happen. But how will you choose to live in those moments? Will you let them knock you down or will you prevail?

I know there are times I will just say, well there is always tomorrow. And each time I do this I kick myself because I will never get that day back. I will never get those seconds back. But what I do get is my wisdom.

My time wasters have taught me that I need to really make changes and realize I am not getting any younger. I need to strive for more. I need to work for it. But I also know that I get to choose to live in the present. To cherish the moments and all that I do with them.  I need and I want to become a better version of me!

Each year I get older I am more thankful for little things. For little moments. For quiet moments. For loud moments. For the busy and the slow. I am appreciating time. I am appreciating each year and each year it gets better and I can smile knowing that I am doing the best that I can. I am following the path that I was given and each little bump is just a lesson to get better. To appreciate more. To live more.

My favorite quote is “Fear not that you will die, but rather fear that you will never really live”. I use to fear everything. I would fear the past and the future and forgot to look at what was right in front of me. But I am learning that I don’t want to live in fear. I want to live my life. I don’t want to stay stuck in a rut or stuck in doing things that I think I need to do but don’t really want to do. I realized that I want to live in each moment and sometimes I will get lost and sometimes I will find myself again but I know I am living. I am loving. I am doing my purpose and I am growing.

I use to waste my thoughts on the what ifs and the if onlys. They got me no where. They got me in a slump and made me do nothing. That is what the darkness wants. It wants you to do nothing so you will look back on your life and be sad because you wasted your purpose. The darkness wants you to waste your purpose.

It wants you to think you wasted all the years with worry and fear and stress and you forgot to soak in the moments. That You didn’t live to your God given potential.

But you see God wants to see us succeed. He wants us to have our hearts desire. He does not want us to look at our life and live in a black cloud of dark and sad and worry or fear. We shall fear not.

We shall rise up and Live life with purpose. Live life with laughter. Live life with the freedom that is truly ours. We will be a light in the oh so dark world that tries to consume us. We will grow wiser and stronger each passing year because we were made to do so.

Be that voice that stands up even when it seems scary. Even when you aren’t sure it should be. It should be.  You were made for more than you even know.

And this is how I know I am another year wiser. The light clicked on in me and it said Heather you are worth it. You are worth your dreams. You are worth living this life in laughter and fun and adventure and fulfillment!

God gave me that right. He made me to make some one, even if its just one, to smile more. To live more and laugh more. I get to be me. Silly, funny, dorky, laughing, playing and having fun. Working hard to be better each and every day, month, year, however long it takes me to get there. But I work there. I play there. I live there in each moment. I choose this moment!

How will you use your time? Will you choose?




~Be the Light for all to See~



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