I gave it up for 7 whole days….

I gave up most social media for 7 days.  I didn’t deactivate my accounts, I just didn’t post or check it. The first few days were really hard for me. I am so use to checking it in the morning that I had to figure out a different routine. I missed seeing what was going on. But I did find other things to do and stayed busy but my social media always sat in the back of my mind. It seems that I may have an addiction to it which was one of the reasons I decided to see if I could stay off of it for a week.

One of the problems I noticed is that we use it for business and I had things I wanted to post about but I couldn’t. And I completely forgot what they were because I failed to write them down for later. Oh well I am sure something will pop back in my head or I guess it may have not been that important. Note to self carry a notepad around for ideas when you take a break from technology.

I did have some more free time that was not me getting sucked into facebook world that helped with some focusing on marketing and growing our businesses.With working from home mostly, I don’t always get out and we do not have television nor do I get the paper so facebook has been the happening place to read whats going on in the world and updates on what friends and family are doing. For that I did miss it.

There has always been this love/hate with facebook. Lots of people complain about it but I have to say I love it. I love being able to see what family and friends are up to that I no longer live by. I get to see nieces and nephews and cousins having fun and growing up like I am living right next to them. I do agree it can make you sometimes feel like you are detached but for the most part I feel more attached because I am not wondering what everyone is up to. I get to see it through posts and pictures. I get to learn from other businesses, I get to find podcasts and learn marketing and learn from others and see others enjoying life. I get to see good,bad, inspiration and I get to choose what is on my feed. I have proven to myself that I can give up social media but I prefer to stay connected and I am glad that we have this option now a days. Social media can make life a lot easier.

If you think about it, how did we use to share our photos and life? We would put them all into a photo album and when people came over you shared your trips, and family and life with them through that. It is hard to share those when you live far away from family. Now we get to connect with people all over the world and share our online photo albums and with that it has made life a lot more richer.That helps us all feel connected. I know many of our family members always say how close they feel because they can see our kids growing up online. It can be a treasure to some.

I don’t know if I will choose to give social media up again but if I do it will probably be again to test myself to make sure it has not become an idol to my life. But for now I know why it is useful to me and using it as a tool is ok and that I can control it.

I read this article from Kris Vallotton today and I could relate.

How has social networking and technology helped you or burdened you?



~Be the Light~



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