Laughing more & Playing more



Lets go on a life journey to have more fun in your life. Stop making everything so serious. Laugh at yourself. Play again. Love the moments. Find the good in everything even when it doesn’t always seem good.

We need more of this. We need to stop getting so offended. Our world is so offended and living in so much fear it is getting exhausting.

One of my goals in the last few years is to stop it. Just stop it! No more offense. No more hate. No more worry and fear of what may be.

What am I doing? I am living more. I am laughing more. I am not reading the news everyday. I am filling my life with more learning and more positive. I am surrounding myself with people who fill my life with good and want more out of it.

Yes there is pain. Yes there are bad days and yes we can not always be happy. I get that. But what I know is we don’t need to make that the main focus. Do we really need to be fearful of everything that is going on?

Why are they not showing all the good things? Find it. Find the good. Be the good. Be thankful. Change your surroundings. Change who you hang out with.

Take the little steps, you can do it.

Some day’s I still get in my rut. Some day’s are hard. There are some days it just doesn’t seem possible to smile and laugh.  But overall I take the bad days and make them less and less. That dark cloud is not allowed to consume me and make life miserable.

I am laughing more. I am playing more. I am not going to take this life so seriously. I am going to find happiness and joy in every moment that I can and I want others to join along with me.



Can you do it? Can you live, laugh love? Can you be more? Can you #choosethismoment?




~Be the Light~




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