You are a fat, ugly pig

Those words came out of my mouth, not to just anyone, but to someone who matters most. ME.

Do you ever call yourself names that bring you down? There are days I am not happy with me but that doesn’t give any right to say hurtful things.

As a woman we have high expectations on what we should be doing, on how we should look, if we should have skinny bodies and how to dress right. We want to be perfect in an imperfect world. Of course men can be like this too.

I say STOP it right Now!!!! We can’t do it all. We can’t get to where we want in one day.

WE get to make a choice in how we live our lives but until we realize that, we will just keep on doing the same ol’ , same ol’ and never get to where we want to be. We will say yes to things we don’t really want to do. We will get depressed because we compare ourselves to someone  we think has a better life. We will choose things that we don’t even realize are affecting us in ways that make us completely miserable.

What are some things you could change to get on a path of life that you really want to live?

Who can you surround yourself with to be a better person and will lift you up?

Make a list, look at your calendar and then  think of everything you could do if your to do list was not a mile long. Our calendar speaks more true then what we say. Alot of times we are all words and no action. Lets be action!

And think if today was my last day on earth would I be doing this anymore?

What can you put on your stop doing list?

For the last few years I have been refocusing and changing my calendar and doing things that I want to do. Of course I still have a few things that are a must do that I dont always enjoy but thats part of life and we have to be realistic here. Laundry and dishes are not my favorite but we need them to live. My to do list has shrunk and I feel so free and I am making a life that I wanted for so long.  One I would stare at that someone else had and I would wish for it but never do anything about it.

It starts with hard work. To work hard but to also play hard. To laugh at funny things and to find the good.


We can live out our dreams its only a matter of Choice!

Number one for me is to no longer call myself unkind names. I am special. God made me for His works. I have a purpose.

What will you do today to get to where you want to be?


~Be the Light~



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