In honor of Mother’s Day -Just Slow down my kidlets

I saw this video on Facebook the other day, watched it and in seconds my body started to tingle and the tears flowed. It’s in honor of Mothers day coming up but also because I am going through a time where I feel this, like please slow down already.

I want all of my babies to stop growing up. They are growing up way too fast especially my oldest. He turns 17 in a few months and he is ready to spread his wings.  Mom is not as important anymore and not so cool. But I do know moms coolness comes back after we as kids try out life for awhile and realize we need our moms and we love them and we can’t live without them.

Watch this and don’t tell me you won’t cry.  If you have children growing up and doing great things, you feel torn because you know you want them to stay little so you can love them in your home forever but at the same time you are so happy they are growing up to be amazing adults and you are proud that they are doing something great with their life. And even though we want it to slow down, as mothers and even fathers we can be grateful that we did something right and our kids are growing to be great adults.



Happy Mother’s Day to all the parents out there, the mommy’s and even the dads who have to do both jobs you all do a great job!




~Be the Light~



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