You must desire change



Are you stuck in that rut?

Wanting to change but it all seems so impossible?

You see I was there once. I wanted something different but the task seemed so huge that I did not know how I would ever get to where I wanted to be. It was a lot easier to not change. Staying in my small box was safer.

To get anywhere you have to not focus on the bigger picture. To just start is what matters and to take it baby step by baby step. Little moments each day taking you to the bigger end result. All those little actions you put into motion create something wonderfully, and beautifully made.

It starts with setting small goals and making a time frame you will get that goal done. Such as for 1 week I will write down everything I am doing to see where I am spending most of my time. And then you will start another goal it could be for weeks or months and you do that each day until you reach that next step. And you keep doing this until one day you realize you are where you wanted to be or heading in that right direction you so badly crave.

It does not happen all at once and it does not always happen fast. Sometimes slow is best. Sometimes fast is best. What is best is what works for you. And it changes daily, weekly, yearly whatever the time frame it should change with you as you grow. Find people you want to surround yourself with that help you grow, that help you look at the bigger picture. People that want more also and are seeking it and find the ones who don’t make excuses why it doesn’t work. Usually the excuses are because we are scared but you never know unless you try.

I am not where I want to be but I am happy because I decided to take a step out and I grow everyday. I seek change. I seek growth. I seek more out of our life and I choose to live with purpose.

Will you choose to make a change? Go after you dreams

~Be the Light~




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