When you journal you will be happy you did

I have been using a journal to document dreams, wishes, goals, plans, thoughts. Whatever comes to my mind I put in my journal. I use it for everything and actually have a collection of about 6 journals that are all filled up.

If you want to grow and seek dreams and desires and want more out of life,  I highly suggest it. Carry one everywhere. If you don’t have one on you when a thought pops in your mind jot it in your phone and then later write it down. There is something about writing it that makes your brain access it and bring to fruition.

I have looked back at my journals I have filled up and am amazed at how many of my prayers, dreams and goals have actually come true since I started. It is a great way to stay motivated and keep going when it feels like nothing is happening.

Another suggestion is give your goal a date and when you look back and see that you accomplished it write the date you completed it. You will be excited to see if you accomplished it in the time frame or how long it actually took.

I will journal forever because I have seen the power in my journal.

Live the life you were designed to live. Dream big. Make big goals. Write them down and accomplish them!

Here’s to a great day!

#choosethismoment #choosetoday

~Be the Light~



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