If your day sucks-Take a nap

There are days where I want to run away from life.  I have good intentions but it all seems so hard. I want to do so much but I am spinning my wheels and I just can not do it all. I get down on myself for not accomplishing everything I set out to do. Sometimes it’s from procrastinating, sometimes it is just because I did not give myself enough time or something unexpected came up and other times it’s simply that I do not want to.

A good lesson I have learned, If the day sucks, Take a nap. Naps make everything better. Even if its not sleeping but resting. Take 15 minutes of quiet time for you and just breathe.

You can not do it all and that is okay. You don’t have to beat yourself up. Tomorrow is a new day.

Learn to take it moment by moment. That is how we learn to love life. Learn to breathe in the beauty around you and just stop and listen a few.

Stop stressing about it. Stress kills you more than those things you didn’t do.

We just simply can not always complete our to do list. And there is ALWAYS a to do list. There is always dishes, laundry, exercise, budgeting, making dinner, working or whatever it is on your list.

That list, It’s always there as long as you are breathing.

Take a few breaths, get what you can get done for that day and then enjoy life the rest of the time.Enjoy your moments.

Don’t worry our to dos will still be there tomorrow. 🙂




~Be the light for all to See~





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