Life: Sometimes our Hearts break

Tragic events seem to happen all around us. I am having a hard time writing this to get the words in my mind out because as a human there are some things that I just can’t quite understand why they happen.

I ask these questions: Why does there have to be such heartbreak and sadness? Why is this world so broken?

Sometimes the problem of heartbreak can consume my mind. It takes a hold and makes me stop straight in my tracks wondering if its all worth it to keep going. When the news of something that happens that is so shocking and so heartbreaking it can be hard to pick up the pieces again and feel like why should we get the privilege to keep going and keep enjoying life.

It can be hard for my heart and my mind to wrap  itself around tragedy, wondering how do you keep going and keep staying positive when people you know or people you love hurt.

But then again I remember that life needs to keep going. We need those happy moments to help take away the darkness and we look for that light that can be so easily dimmed.

I don’t really know how except through prayer. It takes a daily motivation. Everyday waking up and saying you got this, you can do today no matter what and it gets easier. Giving yourself words of affirmations. Setting positive goals that help you get excited for the days and weeks and months. Goals and plans for your future.

And I get that nudge saying remember to keep love and keep forgiveness above all things.

Don’t let this busy life consume you and make you forget others. Be intentional and let others know you care and let them know you are thankful for them with a little note or a little hey how are you? Stop holding on to hatred and anger over silly things.

This life is short and it was meant for us to be a purpose, to shine our lights.  We need to remember we were put on this earth to make an impact and not be selfish because how can you impact others when you only think of you.

Remember your loved ones. Keep living in the precious moments. Though not every moment is perfect and there are sad ones that come in and out of our lives, choose to live out the amazing ones and let that light shine and that is how we get through a tough time.




~Be the Light for all to See~



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