It all sounds good… But….

Do you ever have that thought one night that you plan to make big changes when you wake up in the morning?  You are so excited going through the thoughts in your head and feel so pumped and alive and you can barely sleep.

Then the next day comes and you say never mind, not today, maybe tomorrow is better. Tomorrow will be the day I will start with my big change.

Yep I do it too.

There are days where I am so excited about something that I can not wait to do it and its all I can think about and then the time comes to do it and I find a really good excuse as to why I should wait.

What is the number one reason for this?


I am fearful of change. I am fearful of what may be. I am comfortable in what I know.  To change is a big decision and sometimes its like pulling teeth.  Why is it so hard?  Its much easier to not make the change.

Today I am giving a challenge. Do it! Do whatever it is you have been thinking about. Do whatever it is you keep putting off. Don’t wait.

You see today is only here for today. You only have it one time. You won’t ever get this moment back. Start finding ways to make that change. You are worth it. You can do it.

I am scared too. I am here with you to say it is so much better when we step out and do what we are afraid of.

Take that first step and do what you are hoping for, dreaming for, planning for! Whatever it is, Do it today!

#choosethismoment #choosetoday


~Be the light for all to See~



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