Life: I finally said yes to a Dog

It’s been busy around here since we got back from our family vacation.  We decided after a lot of months of talk and desperate begging we would get a family dog.  The last dog we had was about 10 years ago and the boys were little and I did most of the work so I was adamant about not getting one.

My kids made a whole folder up called operation dog. They did their research on the best family dogs and they priced out how much it would cost, how they would make a schedule to feed it and care for it and how we would find care when we left out of state or somewhere that pets are not allowed.  I was impressed. But I still said NO!!!!

This had been a consistent conversation pretty heavily for about 6 months. Over the previous years everyone had wished they had a dog but it was never even an option. Now the kids are getting older and more responsible and it came up for heavy discussion.

We have a family cat. I love that cat. All she does is lay around and meows every once in a while but other than that she takes care of herself besides a weekly filling of her food and water containers and let her out the door when she needs to go do her outside duties. She is easy.

A dog on the other hand is a lot of work. I compare it close to having a toddler around. They are into everything. Its hard to potty train. They jump. They chew. They get dog hair every where( I guess toddlers don’t get hair everywhere but they do make messes). They smell. They need constant attention. It is more work than I wanted to add. Dogs are also a large commitment. And since I love to travel, thinking about leaving a dog for a long period of time made it hard to think how it is expensive and not easy to find care.

But after 6 months, I heavily thought about it and prayed about it and my heart softened to the idea. My adamant NO turned into an OK but I told them, you are all doing the work and I don’t want to hear any complaints. We had put a few stipulations with the kids to show us over the last few months about responsibility and they all did a great job.

So we found our dog. Her name is Pearl and she is a beauty. I absolutely love her. The kids are doing just as they promised and doing all the care and I get to enjoy all the snuggles or I should say puppy chews.

It’s been busy though and a lot of work like I thought. But the kids are being troopers and keeping their side of deal. She fills our house with a lot more fun.  I love my family and seeing them light up and being happy brings much enjoyment to me.

I never thought I would smile again at a dog and love one. I had such a bad taste from our old dog and having dogs growing up, it was really hard for me to say yes. There are great things that have been coming out of this. My oldest if finding what his passion in life is. The whole family is learning to come together in big discussions and learn good responsibility and we are coming together in care and hard work! If this is a great lesson that comes out of pet ownership than its all worth it,  even with the chewed up headphones she left me yesterday.


#choosetoday #choosethismoment

~Be the Light for all to See~



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