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Both work and play are important

I believe in hard work. But I also believe in play. I believe in grasping those precious moments of time where everything stands still and you think man I love my life. This life is worth choosing.

Having the best of both worlds is what we need. It’s what we crave. It’s what keeps us going. But sadly many of us don’t do it. Either we feel guilty because the world makes us believe we should be busy 24/7 and you are lazy if you stop or we just forget to stop and smell the roses. Even God took a time to rest after all of His work. It’s important and we were made for it.

I believe its important to take time off from your everyday work. If we keep going and going and never rest we can’t really enjoy all that our life gives us. We burn out. We get sad or depressed or stressed and sometimes we just get in a funk and can’t figure out why. We lose a lot of precious life because we say no not right now to our time or rest.

I was raised in hard work. Work always was before play. Saturday morning my dad would come upstairs and blow his trumpet in our face to wake us up for our Saturday morning breakfast and then it was time to work. Even when we had friends over we had to work. My friends didn’t always like that, usually they would say “oh I think my mom is calling. Got to go.”

Our pay was our favorite candy, a drink and a lot of life lessons I didn’t know I was learning until I grew up. We would of course grumble and get off to the day. He would have us move one pile of wood to another pile and we never knew why he would have us move piles when the pile it was in, seemed just fine. But now as I am older and I am raising my kids I realized it wasn’t really for any reason except he was teaching us responsibility and that hard work was important to get where we wanted to go in life. And he was teaching us to keep going so bad choices didn’t happen. Hard work is good.

We didn’t have a lot of money growing up but my parents always tried to do something fun for us every so often. Be it a camping trip or a visit to another state to visit family but we always had a fun adventure planned. We even went to Disneyland as kids. And with this lesson we learned that after all that good Hard work, that Play is good.

As a parent now and grown up I look back at things I learned as a child and I realize I am thankful for many of those lessons. Even if I didn’t always like it I am glad I learned that in life we need both hard work and we need play.

We are choosing our life to take a family vacation and explore. Lets choose to enjoy life more often! Let’s choose to take some time for rest for reward after your hard work. Work hard and play hard too!

Here’s an article about us not giving time to take a break. We own a business and find it important to get away from it all. Business can take over your life and mind if you let it and its very important to step away from all the work and regroup and rest and let your mind become creative again. We need to stop and learn to grasp each moment. We all get a choice to find the time. It is there we just need to do it.


#choosethismoment #choosetoday

~Be the light for all to See~



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