Hawaii has my heart: Oahu

A beautiful island that will always have my heart

There is just something about Hawaii. Ever since the 1st time I went there at 15 years old, I can not get this place out of my mind or my heart.

I had only been to Oahu until previously which will be the next post.

I have been to Oahu a number of times. We had gone there because my brother lived there and he was a great tour guide for us. He knew all the best places to go.

What I love about Hawaii:

The warm breeze

The beauty, even in the city you find beauty

The abundance

The warm ocean

The Palm trees

The smells

The food

The people

The culture

The back country

The pineapples

The fact I can fly a few hours, still be in the US and be somewhere warm

The flowers

The Lei’s

The Waves

The sand

The hiking

The Luaus

The fact I can go out and walk the beaches in the evening and feel the warm ocean breeze

The abundance of  beaches

The laid back relaxed atmosphere

There are too many loves to even to list, I just can’t express it enough.

Oh yeah and Did I say the Ocean, beach and the air? 🙂 My favorite part

We have an amazing sense of wonder when we go and its a blast to bring my kids. We get to relax and enjoy the sunshine and the ocean and I always feel safe.

I absolutely love this place. Yes I know its an island and you can’t get off . Oahu is known to be more populated and it is not always everyone’s favorite, the traffic can be bad and its crazy expensive but I still love it and I will go again and again. We especially love it because getting away in the winter from Alaska is a must and Hawaii is always a top choice.

Oahu has it own special uniqueness and there is always an enormous amount of enjoyment when we travel there.

There are ways to enjoy Oahu without breaking the bank. It takes time to plan and some researching  but it  is possible. And if you ask me I can help find ways to make it more affordable.

It is of course nice when you know someone who lives there who can show you the in and outs like my brother always did. He was a great tour guide. I am sad that I will not have him as my tour guide any longer since he moved but I am glad to have the opportunity to explore the other islands now.

I carry a romance in my heart for the Hawaiian culture:

These are Places I recommend to visit when you are in Oahu.

We have personally stayed or visited these areas of Oahu. We go as a family and have extremely enjoyed them.

The Hilton Hawaiian Waikiki Resort Hotel

The Dole Plantation-

The Sea Turtles-

“Turtle Beach” or Lanakai

Wet & Wild Water Park-

Turtle Bay Resort-

The North Shore-

Hanauma Bay-

Pearl Harbor-

If you have military friends or family, getting access to some of the private beaches are amazing and beautiful.

We always enjoy a BBQ on the beach and cherish our moments with our family for the day.

If you have not made a visit to Hawaii I highly recommend going. Oahu is more abundant in city life and people but we have always enjoyed it and there is abundance to see and do. You can find something for the likes of everyone in your family.

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