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I do it because I am scared

It’s kind of funny how that works. I am scared of writing for all to see yet that is exactly what I am doing. Here I am wishing no one would see or hear me and I write out in the open internet world for all to see.

Honestly, part of me wouldn’t mind just hiding in the corner to never be seen or heard and I might kind of be ok with that. But then I won’t be. I truly don’t want to hide, its not what I was made for. Hiding does nothing for me. It is too simple to hide. It is too easy.

I do like being social. I like being friends with others. I like laughter and fun. This heart of mine is for people.

What the hiding and fear all boils down to is that I am scared of rejection. I am scared of opinions. I am scared of my voice. I am scared. So I write.

It’s how I fight that fear. It’s how I share my heart. It’s the best way I know how to express myself. And even though each post that I put out, I am frightened as I push that publish button, I do it any way. And each post gets easier and easier. Even if no one likes what I write, I know I am being true to my heart and doing something that I love. I am expressing my love and truth. And I choose it everyday.

If all this ends up being is my writing for only me, I am completely ok with that. So even though I say I want to hide, I will keep writing.  I hope to help others find happiness and joy.

My heart sings to know my voice is speaking, if it’s just one person out there in the world  to find.

To do it anyway even when you are afraid is the most honorable thing you can do for your self.  Do what scares you, little steps at a time and eventually you will be so thankful that you did.


Have a blessed day and #choosetoday #choosethismoment


~ Be the Light for all to See~



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