Another year full of wonder and adventures

I forgot to write my 2016 new year post. I was focused on getting my family ready for our vacation which was a few days after the new year so today is my post in the middle of January.

My post is not about making big huge resolutions for january 1st because I choose each and every day,  I don’t need January 1st to be my huge change or do I make promises  I can’t keep or make the same resolutions every year over and over with never seeing them through.

What I do choose to is to keep living life with purpose, to keep having more adventures, keep being thankful for all that I have, keep being true to me,  to keep loving others, and to keep growing. As all those fall into place, all the other parts join along.  That is what my 2016 looks like!

Here’s to an amazing new year of joy and peace and choosing how you truly want to live


# choose today #choosethismoment

~Be the light for all to see~



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