Don’t give up- keep choosing everyday

One of the things I have been learning in life is to not Give up.  It may seem too late for dreams or goals you feel you may have missed in life. But see that is all a big lie. Its lie from the pit trying to make you live in despair and waste away thinking there is nothing left.

But oh are we so wrong. We have so much life to live. The older I get the more I find this out. Of course I wish I had figured it out a lot sooner but I am glad I finally did.

Choose to live. Choose to keep dreaming bigger and better. Throw off the despair and negative lies that tell you that you can’t do it anymore.

Maybe you had these lies being told to you because of fear or past hurts. Its time to throw those off and start again. Start today. Even if its only a step at a time, what matters is you are taking those steps so stop saying its too late and don’t give up.


I love researching, learning, reading and following leaders who have stood up in life to really live life and not to give up. To follow dreams in their hearts that were pushed away and they thought they might never get to them again.

One I totally recommend is Jon Acuff. His books are awesome and I love his blog. So here is a link, follow him on social media, get his email updates, check it out and maybe you can find some inspiration!

Here’s to a new year to do new things and live again!

#choosetoday #choosethismoment


~Be the Light for all to See~



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