How To Create an “Instagram Inspiration” Collage.

Ordinary Adventures

One of my favorite monthly traditions here on Ordinary Adventures is sharing my Instagram Inspo. I love sharing astounding and gorgeous photos I’ve liked and collected throughout the month. The past few months I have shared my collages, I’ve gotten resounding likes and encouragement. Not to mention a few people asking how I pieced it all together. I figured it was about time to show you guys how it’s done.

I decided to go with more details than less. So this may seem like a long post and a lot of steps, but it’s really easier than it seems. I know I would like every little step when it comes to doing DIYs. But like I said, it might be a little tedious and very in depth. I hope you guys won’t get lost along the way!

You’ll need your phone, an Instagram account, and a computer at the very…

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