Feeling down after completing a goal

As I wrote in my last post, It has been 2 weeks since I finished a goal I had set. I did my first half marathon and I completed it.  When I got home that week I was tired and weary and everything hurt. I was happy just not doing anything at all.  And NEVER running a half marathon ever again sounded like a great idea.

But something else didn’t feel quite right. All the feelings of excitement had left and all I had been working towards  was over. At first I wasn’t sure what was wrong except I just felt down. This heaviness was on me and could feel it trying to suffocate me with sadness. I tried to fight it but it was there in its huge cloud of grey sitting on my shoulders.


I realized I was sad because it was over and I missed my friend and the fun weekend we had. I wasn’t sure if it would feel the same and did I really want to keep going with this running stuff? Was it something I wanted to do again?I had worked it up in my head as this huge event and the next time it would not be the same because it was no longer my first run. My first time to say I had accomplished this. It was old news.

I use to let my sadness linger for long periods of time so this time I embraced the sadness I felt, hoping it would help it go faster.

After a few days mulling through my thoughts, I decided that I would commit to the next year to do the Vegas rock n roll again  with my friend, but I still felt down. I could not shake it off.

It took me a good week to shake that  feeling away. But I did. I let it happen and let me be me and it was ok. Everything was ok.

Now it is time to set new goals. Next year I will be better.

See the thing is when we set goals and we accomplish them, its great to think how you feel about completing that and celebrate it. You did it. You completed what you set out to do. But don’t stay in that disappointment that can overcome you because that goal is done. Sometimes we get sad or discouraged because its over. But instead we need to be joyful because it happened!


I learn every day how to embrace each moment. Sometimes moments make me happy and joyful and sometimes they make me sad. But I rejoice in all of them because they happened and that makes my life what it is today and me a better person for it!


#choosetoday #choosethismoment


~ Be the Light for all to See~




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