I did 13.1 Miles




Back in August I was visiting my longtime childhood best friend. We met in 3rd grade at 8 years old. Even though we live lots of miles away , me in Alaska and her in Oregon, we still keep in touch and try to visit every few years.


While I was there visiting her, she asked me to run the Rock n Roll half marathon with her in Vegas which from that date was 13 weeks away. I like to do spontaneous things sometimes so I said sure. I bought my entrance fee and was ready to start running when I got home.

I hate running. Its probably the thing I despise the most but I knew I wanted to do something adventurous and what better than with your lifetime best friend.  I had made a commitment and so I started my training. The worst thing would be it would hurt and the best thing is I had fun, got in shape and made a change.

For 13 weeks I ran and walked and ran and walked. I ran sick, in the rain, wind, sun, and cold. I ran outside up until the last week when it started to snow and get icy outside and had to do my last few runs inside on the treadmill which by the way is like pulling teeth. Who invented a treadmill anyway? Not my favorite but it did the trick. I feel like a hamster running on a wheel going no where. Give me outside runs any old day.

I had a goal to finish in under 4 hours. The limit was you had to complete in 4 hours to get your medal so I thought, I can do that. Even though I don’t run and I am not in the best running shape or the best shape overall, it was a lot of mental good attitude. There would be days that running was the last thing I wanted to do but I would tell myself just do 3 miles today, if you feel good after that run more. There were days I wanted to quit and not do it anymore. But I kept going.   One foot in front of the other.



2 weeks ago, November 15th I finished my half marathon. I did it with some running and some walking and some wogging. I finished in 3 hours and 8 minutes and I got that medal. I accomplished it. I was so tired and so sore and so exhausted but I did it. That was what mattered. I finished and I was happy.



Sometimes life is like a marathon or a half marathon. Some of us are in good shape and get through it in no problem others are like me, its not their first choice and its a struggle. But They just want something more so they go for it. They choose to make a change and sometimes its painful, and it hurts, but the finish line, it is ohhh soooo good!


What will you do today to change your life or what will you do that you don’t think you can?


You can do anything you put your mind to 🙂


#choosetoday #choosethismoment


~Be the Light for all to See~





One thought on “I did 13.1 Miles

  1. You ROCK. i love the progress videos, makes me miss you! 13 miles is serious business, you’re an inspiration. hope your Christmas season is full of rest after all that training! ❤ love you!


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