Everything is Hard….

Keeping a house clean is hard…

Watching my weight and eating healthy is hard…

Forcing myself to workout everyday is hard…

Running a business is hard…

Staying calm is hard…

Relationships are hard…

Raising Kids is hard…

Staying married is hard…

Keeping Faith is hard….

Some days just getting out of bed… It’s Plain Hard

But each and everyday even if its exhausting, even when we don’t want to do them we need to do them.

Yes many of these things in life we don’t really want to do or we get tired of doing because it feels like it all takes so much work.

I have to say though, it’s better when we do them. It makes us feel alive. Have you ever just said I will give myself 10 minutes to not do what I don’t want to and then go out and do it? In that 10 minutes we get to choose. Today or Not Today.

And then afterwards we are so grateful we did it. It makes us feel proud that we accomplished that task even when it may seem daunting. Doing something that we don’t want to do or that seems hard to do can make you feel Alive again.

The reason I know is because for a long while I just felt like everything was so hard and it seemed a lot easier to just stop doing it all together. I slowly decided it was too hard to try and keep in contact with friends, it was easy to just not get dressed up and it was easy to just not feel.

But you see, I did feel. I felt sad and grey and downright moody and negative.

I had to make a big decision and it was hard and it’s still hard sometimes but I do it and I am so glad I do.

I do it when I am happy, I do it when I am scared, I do it when I am sad and I do it when I am unsure. I just plain do it each and every second of every day. It’s a choice and I have to choose it.

And in the times where I simply don’t feel like doing a lot of things due to lack of motivation or my feelings have made me feel blah or I figure it seems worthless, I will try again tomorrow.

We all have things that we need to do and that we want to do and that we will do. When we do we will smile and be proud of that accomplishment especially if you have struggled with lack of motivation that has made getting out of bed in the morning really tough. The days that the black cloud of desperation tries to follow you and bring you down. Choosing when its hard to keep on keeping on.

What makes you feel most alive?

Me: It’s when I wake up and say Heather you got this day! You are Beautiful and God made you for so much more than you can even imagine. And those dreams and desires in your heart are there for a reason.

Striving and doing and making each hard thing just a little easier  because you are choosing to keep doing each and every moment especially when you don’t FEEL like it.

Hard work really does pay off. I  promise if you choose in this moment right now you will not regret it. But I am not saying its going to be easy. Everything is Hard….If it was easy we wouldn’t appreciate it as much!

#choosethismoment #choosetoday

~Be the Light for all to See~



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